Photographic portrait of Stéphane Leblanc
Entrepreneurs inspire me with their energy, creative ideas, and unifying projects. Their passion allows them to take risks, constantly adapt to change, and guides them in building tomorrow's new economy, every day.

Stéphane Leblanc

EY Canada Tax Partner, EY Private

Tax advisor committed to high-growth private and family businesses.

Stéphane has more than 30 years of experience and is a Tax Partner in our EY Private practice. He specializes in providing tax compliance and planning services for high-growth private companies and family businesses. 

Stéphane advises Canadian corporations on tax planning and tax compliance, reorganizations, mergers and acquisition, capital asset reviews, negotiation with tax authorities and complex tax accounting. Additionally, he helps entrepreneurs and high net worth clients with their personal and family tax planning, including estate and trust planning.

As a leading tax professional in Canada, Stéphane is a regular contributor to local and national media and tax thought leadership.  His segments have been highlighted in various newspapers, radio shows, and television broadcasts.  

Stéphane is the past president of “Association de planification fiscale et financière”, board member of “JA Québec” and “JA Canada”, member of the Economic and Tax committee of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Tax committee of CPA Québec.

How Stéphane is building a better working world

“Entrepreneurs and private businesses are the beating heart of the Canadian economy. Their ambition never ceases to amaze me which is why I take great pleasure in helping them achieve their growth goals. Through my tax structuring services, I have helped improve their bottom line while helping them preserve wealth for both their business and their family. With the money they have saved, they continue to invest in their business and ultimately grow the Canadian economy.”

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