Thierry Mortier
Disruption forces energy companies to innovate, review investment strategies, develop greater digital capabilities and consider collaborations outside the industry.

Thierry Mortier

EY Global Innovation Lead for power and utilities

Innovative and creative leader. Curious accelerator and visionary. Technology enthusiast interested in agile, blockchain, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, Internet of Things, market and trends.

Thierry is the Global EY Leader for innovation and emerging technologies in the power and utilities sector, leading the development and go-to-market for robotics, blockchain, AI, augmented and virtual reality, IoT and other emerging technologies. In September 2016 Thierry joined EY as direct admit partner in Advisory.

Through his long-lasting exposure to the utilities industry, Thierry has gained deep experience in the domains of customer service, retail, billing, grid operations, power generation, energy services, trading, facility management and engineering, procurement and construction.

He advises power and utilities clients on innovation management, venturing, emerging technologies, digital strategy and transformation. Recently he helped develop the digital agenda for a number of utilities, piloting innovation programs in Silicon Valley.

Thierry earned Master’s degrees in chemical engineering and management consultancy from Ghent University and Erasmus University, respectively, as well as a post-graduate degree in corporate finance from KU Leuven.

How Thierry is building a better working world

“In my contacts with clients, I continuously look at the best possible approach - not the trendiest, or the most expected - but at the strategy that will truly fit the client’s real needs, thinking forward, considering market trends and the emergence of new technologies.

As innovation lead, I tend to use technology as a means to engage in conversations with our clients. I have observed that a lot of these companies have experimented with emerging technologies and understand the benefits, but also the constraints.

The new ambition — and position for us now at EY — is more about how to co-create and how to put these technologies into practice (real solutions, real business models, real substance), via managed services, joint venture, etc.

I tend to see emerging technologies as a sixth sense that can help human beings become more effective and more accurate — not replacing them.”

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