Supply chain

Addressing an organization’s overarching end-to-end supply chain and operations strategy to grow, optimize and protect their operations

In the supply chain of the past, companies sold products and services through linear value chains. But innovation and disruption have pushed companies into a new supply chain model driven by digital ecosystems and market networks that enable hybrid forms of cooperation and competition.

In addition, as technology, demographics and government policies shape industries, supply chains and operations must undergo a radical restructuring to meet the challenge of improving performance and innovation. 

Digital disruption can be complex, but we’ll work with you to develop a framework that brings all the pieces together seamlessly. With an understanding of your overarching strategy, we can help revolutionize your business through the use of data analytics, blockchain technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Meet the team

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    • Natalie Danclar-Rodney – Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Digital Procurement
    • Mylène Paré - Senior Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Supply Chain Transformation
    • Georgianna Ma - Senior Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Consumer & Retail
    • Pavi Selvaraj - Senior Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – ESG in Supply Chain
    • Fang Gao - Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Digital Planning & Fulfillment
    • Bhavna Bahri - Senior Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Digital Operations
    • Catherine Marcoux - Manager, Digital Supply Chain & Operations – Digital Operations

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Is your business prepared today for the supply chain of tomorrow? [infographic]

Is your business prepared today for the supply chain of tomorrow?

Supply chains of the future will need to be agile, flexible, efficient, resilient and digitally networked for improved visibility. EY survey results and recent market statistics in Canada echo Canadian sentiment around the need to build more resilient supply chains that are equipped to manage unpredictable domestic and global disruptions.

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Sustainable and resilient operations e-book series

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Why net-zero supply chains are the next big opportunity for business

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Are you preparing for change or reacting to it?

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Operations leaders’ agenda

In times of global business disruption, operations leaders should seize the opportunity to build enterprise resilience, drive transformation and reframe the future of their organizations.

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