Tax controversy

Tax has become increasingly connected — governments are collecting and sharing taxpayer information, and tax changes in one jurisdiction can now trigger changes across the globe. The result is that tax controversy is evolving from two-sided disagreement in specific countries into a multidimensional, multi-country dynamic.

What EY can do for you

Businesses must act so that their people, policies and systems are keeping pace. They need a line of sight into the issues and the potential for future tax controversy as well as a centralized global strategy. Should disagreements arise, having resources that can act as a “bridge” between the tax authorities and the company is essential.

Take a look at our insights, including leading practices on implementing a globally integrated approach to tax controversy management.

2023 Tax Risk & Controversy Survey

The 2023 EY Tax Risk and Controversy Survey finds that strong tax governance, improved data capabilities and obtaining greater tax certainty can help the tax function provide more long-term value to their organization.
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