Global Tax Platform

Multinational organizations need access to real-time global data that offers clear insights into opportunities, obligations and risks. The EY Global Tax Platform (GTP) redefines how tax operates, offering an innovative end-to-end platform that supports all your tax business solutions.

What EY can do for you

In the complex global tax landscape, multinational organizations need access to real-time global data that offers clear insights into their opportunities, obligations and risks. While some service providers claim to have technology that can tackle this challenge, EY Tax offers end-to-end capabilities to support your worldwide tax function. Over the last several years, we have invested in core data management capabilities, developing an innovative end-to-end platform that supports all tax business solutions – the EY Global Tax Platform.

Immediate benefits include the following:

  • You don’t need to make your own costly investments in the future of tax — we’ve done that for you, making the investment to evolve and scale our service delivery model and underpinning technologies for the digital age.
  • All your tax-relevant data comes together on a single technology platform and is prepped for analytics that produce insights and benchmarks.
  • You gain greater access, transparency and ability to implement controls related to your tax organization.
  • GTP is a multifaceted platform in which EY teams and your business can work seamlessly with 3rd parties, such as regulatory bodies.  
  • Thanks to automation and other efficiencies, your people are freed up to do more value-added work.

Here’s how it works.

Data as an enabler

GTP consolidates multiple systems and processes into one streamlined platform for data, requiring less manual intervention within a better user experience. 

  • Data gathering: We quickly connect with approved outputs from your ERP systems to gather tax and finance information in a non-intrusive way. Files can also be uploaded. Those seemingly endless and redundant data requests are eliminated: data is provided once and then made available to EY teams serving you.
  • Standardization and validation: GTP has built-in automation tools that transform your data so that it’s ready for a range of projects, if needed. Structured and unstructured data, including from traditional documents, are combined into a usable state. Missing information is quickly flagged.
  • Storage and accessibility: Your tax data is available in one place and accessible throughout the globe to you and the EY teams with whom you are working, securely in the cloud (enabled by Microsoft Azure). You can import and export data to and from GTP during your engagements with EY.
  • Reporting and analytics: With standardized data in a centralized database, you can now put it to use quickly and effectively. Generating a report can take mere seconds. Microsoft Power BI allows you to run reports by service at any stage, whether they’re standard, preset reports or ones that are customized specifically for you.

New ways of working

GTP also redefines how well you can team internally (across functions and geographies) and externally (with your EY team, locally and in Centers of Excellence across the globe, and with anyone else you grant access to).

  • Multisided work environment. Everyone who is allowed to can work in GTP at the same time, and it’s not limited to any one country, region, sector or organization.
  • Dashboarding and visualization. Project statuses and work flows are automatically tracked globally and reflected in dashboards. Your executives gain a clearer line of sight into the status of an engagement, where there may be possible holdups, and who’s responsible to advance the process.
  • Secure cloud functionality. GTP is built on Microsoft Azure, with its secure infrastructure available around the globe. Its capabilities can easily scale up and down based on your needs.
  • Transparency. GTP keeps a full lineage of edits, enabled by blockchain. Every keystroke in every field is monitored and tracked back to the source — crucial for establishing an audit trail.

Ability to evolve

With GTP, you’re not getting a tool that you’ll eventually need to replace — it can scale and evolve with ever-changing market demands. It’s structured with constant improvement in mind, utilizing state-of-the-art components and interoperability with leading technologies.

  • Tax systems integration. GTP connects and integrates with internal and external tax reporting engines, created by EY professionals and our alliance partners, as well as third-party tools.
  • Seamless updates. GTP accounts for regulatory changes, and the underpinning technology allows us to rapidly expand our arsenal of tools and get new offerings on the market faster for you.
  • Machine learning/artificial intelligence. While these capabilities are evolving, we’re building in the potential. For instance, that could take the form of auto-mapping trial balances or looking for anomalies in millions of lines of data.

Why is GTP important?

GTP is the enabler of better client service to help you confront the questions you face in today’s ever-changing world.

  1. Are my workers equipped with the skills for the future? Core competencies will likely change from traditional tax technical skills toward deeper process and technology skills. GTP is an intuitive platform that makes it easier for you to connect with EY resources and bring in our skill sets.
  2. How can we best respond to rapid legislative changes? Many businesses say that they do not have adequate resources to monitor, evaluate and respond to new government requirements that impact their technology systems. GTP is easily updated as changes happen, impacting technology or tools, and it increases our speed-to-market for new offerings.
  3. How can we future-proof our functions? Companies often lack confidence when it’s time to invest time and money in technology. Yet, such an investment is needed to deliver better outcomes. GTP brings leading technologies to one environment, so you spend less over time versus expenditures on continually upgrading your internal technologies to stay current.
  4. How can we do all this with an eye on costs? Virtually, all organizations have a plan to reduce the cost of the Tax and Finance function over the next 24 months, an EY survey shows. GTP can help clients in that effort by using automation and offshore resources.

Reimagined tax — it’s the future, upending traditional professional service models with your needs in mind, for today and tomorrow. Contact a leader below to learn more.

EY Gloal Tax Platform

What is GTP?

GTP, a cloud-enabled platform, leverages secure Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to store your data in a data lake repository. This offers your tax team one real-time portal and provides transparent visibility through dashboards that analyze workflow and process.


We know your data comes from all kinds of sources, structured and unstructured. Regardless of the source, your data can be integrated into GTP.


To integrate your data, we use our gather function to collect the data and enable it to be used across all geographies, functions and services. We collect data one time and reuse.


Next, we transform your data to allow storage in a standard data model and to run exception-based validations to look for missing information, anomalies and inaccuracies.


Once GTP has your information, GTP supports your efforts to reduce risk and drive value for your organization. It drives analytics with Power BI visual dashboards, reports, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


Since the platform is tax software agnostic, GTP allows for scalability and flexibility. Calculations are performed with the right software for the right geography and the right service. GTP also allows real-time adjustments to workpapers and underlying data, and maintains a record of any adjustments.


GTP enables everything from simple co-sourcing to full managed service, including compliance, tax accounting, planning and controversy.

User experience and benefits

Benefits of GTP

Mitigate risk

By giving you real-time access and transparency, GTP helps mitigate risk. Our portal enables you to be proactive and know exactly which filing may be missing or late, and which steps are incomplete or in process. You can also see roadblocks, and specific bottlenecks, across a project or engagement. Finally, you have a record of changes if questions arise later. Because the portal is dual-sided, clients and EY teams see the information and source data in real time.

Control cost

With your data stored in a central data lake, you can repurpose the data for different projects, and avoid requesting or collecting data more than once. Utilizing direct data acquisition, we can further automate data gathering, reusing structured data. This supports not only compliance, but also planning while delivering additional insights. Also, GTP allows clients and the organization to easily scale up or down by using the best talent across the globe for projects, within your organization or ours. As the legislative environment becomes more complex, GTP also helps future-proof your tax department and avoid unnecessary or redundant technology maintenance and investments.

Drive value

GTP analytics generate real-time exception-based insights at your fingertips to support your planning efforts and enable you to take action immediately. Ultimately, by streamlining and automating your time-intensive tasks, GTP frees your people to address higher value-added projects such as developing plans to keep pace with new tax developments and support audit controversy.

What differentiates GTP

  • GTP is built by EY, leveraging our technology and managed services domain knowledge, focusing on the tax requirements of today and with a vision of the capabilities that will be needed in the future.
  • GTP is “future-proof” as it is a true data management platform that integrates state-of-the-art engines in a componentized manner, enabling to quickly update and replace old technologies with new ones in a plug-and-play fashion.
  • GTP is powerful data management technology that supports data collection and reuse for end-to-end delivery of tax services, storing all relevant data in a single technology platform.
  • GTP is tax software agnostic and integrates with leading-class tax engines.
  • By leveraging our strategic global alliances, GTP provides you with leading technology to support your tax success.
  • GTP enables you to benefit from investments EY has made and shared across our core business, reducing major investments to develop and maintain your own tax technology systems.

The EY Global Tax Platform represents a major step forward for your global tax function and establishes a new standard for tax technology excellence. Our GTP-enabled tax services help you enhance your tax function by reducing risk, enabling cost-efficient tax operations and providing you the analytics and knowledge to drive more tax value.

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