Women. Fast forward

Women. Fast forward is the EY platform that engages our people, our clients and our communities to advance gender equality.

International Day Of The Girl
International Day Of The Girl is a reminder and call-to-action to confront gender biases and empower the young leaders of tomorrow. It’s time to build a better working world with new rules – where every girl is seen, heard and valued.
Plan Canada Seat Share
How can we create opportunities for the next generation of young women? We’ve hosted a virtual seat share with university student, Eva Ren and EY leaders across Canada in collaboration with Plan Canada to discuss diversity, inclusion and belonging.

At EY, we choose to challenge that gender equality is not a problem to solve, rather gender equality is the solution to business and society’s most complex challenges. The disproportionate impact #COVID19 of women in the Canadian workforce threatens to not only undo recent gender equity progress, but jeopardize future progress as well.
How can we drive gender equality further, faster?

Kathy Cheng
EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Class of 2014
Mandy Rennehan
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 & 2017 Ontario finalist

Women globally

3.9 billion

Women make up half of the world’s population. How can we all ensure we drive gender equality in every conversation, decision and solution to get to new and better answers?

RealDeal podcasts — her business, her brand and why she belongs

RealDeal podcasts

her business, her brand and why she belongs

Gender equality is not a problem to solve. It’s the start.

Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Discover the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program, which identifies successful women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale and provides them with the support, resources and access to help accelerate their growth.

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