Integrated Mobile Talent

Traditional long-term moves are declining in favor of a variety of business travel approaches and mobility options that better fit organizational strategy and employee needs. Supported through a frictionless, consumer-level experience, these approaches can boost compliance and speed to deployment.

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EY Mobility Pathway


What EY can do for you


When your talent crosses an international border, you need to consider immigration compliance.  Our Global Immigration team can help you develop and execute on your global mobile talent immigration policies and immigration compliance procedures that focus on legal compliance and meet demanding business needs.  This can include a range of work-related immigration, including short-term business trips, international assignments and long-term or permanent moves. 

Our leading-edge technology, combined with an expansive network of experienced global immigration professionals, can provide you with the immigration compliance solutions your business demands. Read more.

Mobility Tax

International mobility is increasingly used as a talent development tool and an incentive for your workforce. Traditional and new forms of mobility can help  your business have the right talent in the right place at the right time to enable your talent strategy.

International mobility comes with a wide and often complex range of tax regulations and compliance requirements. Our experienced mobility tax professionals, supported by our extensive global network, can support you in navigating these requirements while providing strategic advice to help you elevate your mobility program.

Global Employment Tax and Payroll Advisory

Our Global Employment Tax professionals focus on cross-border and domestic payroll compliance and advisory services. Whether it’s planning strategies to accumulate global compensation and determine taxability, avoid double withholding, implementing a shadow payroll, optimizing social security requirements or providing guidance to local payroll teams – our experienced professionals can support you.  

Whether you’re going through a merger or acquisition, experiencing payroll staff turnover, considering a payroll system transformation, seeking an internal payroll health check or need assistance with a current payroll tax audit, our professionals offer the skills and experience to provide support throughout the process. This is how we make a difference to your business.

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