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Three keys: insights from EY’s people and workforce leaders

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The working world has changed. With that comes a need to refocus the way we lead, manage and support people. Investing in effective talent strategies now can make all the difference between business survival and sustainable, long‑term success. 
In this series, we speak with leading EY professionals who are empowering organizations in Canada to embrace shifting talent dynamics and refresh strategies for the future.


Episode 1 | January 2024

In this episode, EY’s Partner Andrea Wolfson tackles three key questions around how talent dynamics have changed, what that means for the organizations she serves and how businesses can effectively adapt to thrive.

Featuring Andrea Wolfson, Partner, People Advisory Services

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Episode 2 | April 2024

In this episode, EY’s Partner Chris Gordon addresses three key questions on the boundary-less world of talent, challenges companies now face and reframing mobility strategy to unlock greater ROI.

Featuring Christopher Gordon, Immigration Partner, People Advisory Services

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Episode 3 | June 2024

In this episode, EY’s Partner Kat Lee answers three key questions on the ways macroeconomic factors are changing how people experience work, what that means for organizations and why humanizing employee experiences can help businesses to thrive.

Featuring Kat Lee, Partner, People Advisory Services

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Three keys video series: Coming soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode, where we’ll continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of talent dynamics, offering insights and solutions to navigate the shifting paradigms.


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