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At EY, we follow a holistic reward structure including a combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits that are building important components to your very personal approach to integrate your professional and personal life.

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We focus on equal and fair pay for our employees, this is why it is important to us to share that we are  Fair-ON-pay certificate. You can expect a market-competitive salary, a performance-related bonus for exceptional performance, and other corporate benefits in the form of attractive fringe benefits. 

Your benefits at EY

Have a look below and browse through the wide range of benefits and offerings at EY.

  • Personalized career development

    a. Further education and training

    We unleash your potential by providing you individual training, valuable experience, the latest technologies and personal support to help you achieve your career goals. 

    One of our continuous learning program is "EY Badges", with which you can further educate yourself in topics such as digitalization, data & analytics, blockchain, leadership and teaming. 

    Through EY Badges, you can also earn an EY Masters in Sustainability or Tech MBA by Hult University alongside your career, which underlines your commitment and skills not only to your colleagues, but also to our clients. You can also integrate the awards into your profile on LinkedIn.

    b. Study support

    If you need to prepare for professional exams you can request study leave, paid special leave and financial assistance. This support covers for example final exams to qualify as a Tax Consultant, Auditor, etc. (e.g. CFA, CISA, CPA). 

    c. EY mentoring program

    One of the most effective development opportunities. It has the power to accelerate your learning, career progression, and overall confidence. The benefits of mentoring go way beyond the mentee’s personal development, positively affecting the mentors themselves, as well as the entire organization by fostering a culture of open and honest conversations, inclusion, learning, and growth.

    The program offers access to a wide range of mentors covering all Service Lines, diverse perspectives, subject matter expertise, and experience. Mentor pairs are provided a comprehensive on-boarding package and monthly conversation guides to help facilitate a smooth start to their relationship.

  • Flexible working

    a. Flexible work

    There are different reasons for wanting to work in a more flexible arrangement, be it for becoming a parent, starting to study or having more time to yourself. At EY, we support you in the different stages of life and offer various part-time models.

    b. Overtime compensation

    After a busier project it is important to recharge our batteries, to do so, we support our non-managerial employees to compensate overtime throughout the year.  

    c. Job Portability

    A flexible working solution enabling employees to perform their work for a short period of time from a location within selected countries for personal reasons.

    d. Secondments abroad

    Multicultural teamwork and working across borders are at the heart of our shared success at EY. As part of "Mobility4U", we offer a variety of short-, medium- and long-term foreign assignments.

    e. Sabbatical

    It is important to us to give you freedom to pursue other interests, like traveling or volunteering, or opportunities to develop additional skills outside of work. Sabbatical leave is one option to take a personal break for a few weeks and up to several months. Our flexible leave offerings can be used to go on such leave, including purchase leave, overtime compensation or unpaid leave.  

  • Wellbeing

    You will benefit from a wide range of offers ranging from gym cooperations to our corporate health insurances. Our "Employee Assistance Program", in short EAP, allows you to access coaching and consulting services, which you can leverage in your professional and personal life.

    a. Health

    Your mental and physical health is important to us. EY offers a range of free programs to help you take care of your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues. Our trusted partner, MOVIS has an extensive portfolio, which supports us as an organization and you as individual. 

    b. Crisis and grief counseling

    Life crises, losses and grief do not stop at company doors. That's why we also offer support in challenging life situations in the form of crisis and grief counseling via our partner, MOVIS.

  • Working environment

    a. Public transport

    All employees on a permanent contract, are entitled to receive a half fare travelcard. This rule also applies to employees working part-time.

    b. Cooperations and discounts

    We offer numerous cooperations and discounts on travel, cultural and leisure activities as well as offers from the media, technology and fashion sectors. Our partner, Benefits at work, sends out a monthly newsletter informing you about seasonal discount offers.

  • Parents@EY

    Becoming a parent is a special moment in your life. How you plan and prepare for this change will play a key part in how you can integrate family life, work and career. The below benefits lay out what EY Switzerland does to support you in your personal journey, and finding the right balance that speaks to you.

    a. Parental leave

    • 18 weeks of paid maternity leave
    • 3 weeks of paternity leave
    • 4 weeks of paid leave for employees who are forming a family (e.g. adoption)

    b. Flexibility offers for parents

    • Paid phased return after parental leave: e.g. working part-time for a given period of time
    • Possibility to work part-time

    c. Other supporting benefits

    • Free coaching and workshops for new parents
    • Corporate membership with profawo, with access to a range of childcare solutions covering professional and personal advice on balancing family and work
    • Subsidizing costs for emergency child care services, in cases where back-up supported is needed due to work related obligations
    • Nursing rooms in various swiss offices

    d. Purchase leave

    All EY Switzerland employees can purchase up to 15 days of additional leave per year. 

    e. Elderly care

    Combining family and work is not relevant only for parents. Many of us take care of a family member or other close person who cannot cope with everyday life on their own. Our corporate membership with profawo includes support services for family care.


  • Pension and Insurance

    a. Company pension plans

    At EY, you can pay into a company pension plan via a direct insurance policy or into the pension fund in the form of deferred compensation.

    b. Insurance

    Numerous insurance benefits are available to our employees. EY works with Baloise Insurances to offer attractive additional benefits. Our employees are also covered by travel health insurance when traveling abroad on business. In addition, our employees benefit from group accident insurance, which extends worldwide to all accidents in both the professional and private spheres. 

  • Miscellaneous

    a. Referrals

    We reward every successful referral of new colleagues with a financial bonus.

    b. Additional leaves

    We grant up to two days of paid leaves for weddings, relocation, etc.

    c. Loyalty rewards

    For various service anniversaries (e.g. 10, 15, 20 years, etc.), we grant special off-days and one-off bonus.

    d. Recognition Program

    To celebrate a colleague who has gone above and beyond to contribute to our success, we have a program for you to show your appreciation.

In addition to providing the best training and further education, EY also offers great career opportunities, enabling me to grow in the best possible way. I started as a Consultant and within nine years, I managed to perform and strive for a Senior Manager promotion. My goals were also not affected, after I started a family and work at an 80% capacity. When I decided to take a three-months sabbatical to pursue my interest in bodybuilding, personal training and coaching, my counsellors and team supported me and even helped me to market my coaching services to fellow colleagues.
Mundia Moola Büsser
Senior Manager, Consulting Services

Corporate Social Responsibility at EY

Our objective is to conduct business sustainably, and we implement this every day with our claim "Building a better working world" by ensuring sustainable growth, moving things forward and improving them decisively on the basis of increasing productivity and innovation. That's why we also promote the social commitment of our employees with the EY Ripples initiative. They can leave their jobs for a day and provide assistance where help is needed. Get involved with fundraising campaigns, volunteering days in schools or pro bono advice for start-ups and non-profit organizations.

One example of our commitment to integrate refugees into the job market is our Refugees@Work initiative. EY is part of the Alliance for Youth (All4Youth), in which several companies have joined forces to improve young people’s chances in the labour market. Through a Hackathon, participants find new solutions and innovative approaches for the vocational integration of refugees.

Are you interested in our social commitments? You can find out more in our "Corporate Social Responsibility" overview. On our career blog, you will also find information about the "Refugees@Work" and other interesting reports.