Corporate and growth strategy

Exciting tasks from day one – within corporate and growth strategy we work on crucial corporate issues and develop customized strategies for our clients. Sounds exciting? Find out more!

    What we do

    As one of the world's largest strategy consultancies, we challenge the status quo together with our clients and develop strategies that focus on the short- and long-term growth & value creation potential of companies.

    EY-Parthenon – Unternehmenskultur – Architekt betrachtet Modell

    Our industry knowledge sets us apart, as we have built up in-depth expertise for a wide range of business sectors. In addition, we can draw on our internal network for many operational and implementation-oriented topics - with specialized expertise in areas such as digitalization and analytics. Furthermore, when it comes to mergers, turnarounds and similar challenges, we work hand in hand with the other EY-Parthenon teams: Transaction strategy and execution as well as Turnaround and restructuring. Together, we address all issues on the CEO agenda.

    We find the best answers for our clients with high analytical standards. We work with conviction and in close collaboration with our clients, because we know that good solutions can only be found together. Our way of thinking is entrepreneurial and implementation-oriented: We not only design strategy concepts or changes, we also accompany them.

    Our teams embody these values in their daily interaction with the client: bright minds, strong team play - with full commitment.

    Get to know strategy consultants of our Swiss EY-Parthenon team

    Porträtfoto von Frederike A. Groetsch

    Martin Ceccon

    Head EY-Parthenon Strategy | Advanced Manufacturing, Construction and Real Estate | Joined 2016

    Martin Ceccon is a partner in the Zurich office and drives sustainable and digital strategies with clients in different sectors, among others advanced manufacturing, construction and real estate. Martin combines a master in sustainability science from ETH Zurich with executive Business Administration education in Europe and USA and is a member of various digital platforms, among others digitalswitzerland and Building Smart Chapter Switzerland. Before joining EY-Parthenon, Martin spent over 15 years in leading positions at international companies as SVP global innovation, Managing Director Marketing & Sales and VP strategy and acquisition integration. He also gained experience building a start-up.

    What is your area of responsibility at EY-Parthenon?

    I have the honor of leading our strategy practice in Switzerland with a passionate team. We have major growth ambitions for the next few years, so we need to lay the foundations for this now. 

    What are you working on at the moment?

    Together with our clients we drive growth and portfolio strategies as well as strategies to future-proof companies for a sustainable and digital future. The topic of sustainability in particular is playing an increasingly important role, which can also be seen among our clients in the market.

    EY-Parthenon has a strong international network - how important is that?

    With over 7000 strategists worldwide, we combine deep sector expertise with actionable strategic thinking, providing the best team from cross the globe for our clients. This also allows our consultants to gain international project experience. In some cases, our Swiss consultants even work together abroad on the same project.

    Can you share a few highlights from your day-to-day professional life - why is working at EY-Parthenon so enriching?

    Having the opportunity to work together on a daily base with people with impressive life experience, deep sector insights and smart ideas, I feel privileged to be part of team to shape the future success of companies, address the toughest challenges and challenge the status quo for the better. 

    Porträtfoto von Frederike A. Groetsch

    Maria Iglesias

    Senior consultant | Life Sciences | Joined 2019

    Maria is a Senior Consultant in our Zurich office. She studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow and was awarded the Engineering Excellence List Award. After her Bachelor's degree, Maria studied her Master's studies at ETH in Zurich in Biomedical Engineering. During her Master's studies, she conducted her Master's thesis at ZuriMED, a Swiss startup company founded by an innovative team specializing in orthopedic biomechanics and biomaterials. After completing her Master's degree in 2017, Maria started working as an analyst in another strategy consulting firm specialized in Life Sciences and Healthcare before joining EY-Parthenon in 2019. Maria lives in Zurich, enjoys outdoor sports and is an avid ski instructor.

    What do you like most about EY-Parthenon?

    There is a clear mindset oriented towards having a strong impact and making a difference in the Life Sciences industry. We are clearly helping shape the industry of the future, with projects focused on Health IT, public health and commercial strategy. 

    What qualities do you need to bring as a strategy consultant at the very highest level? 

    A good strategy consultant should be driven, committed and determined to deliver high quality and have a deep impact. But this will never be enough without the support of a strong team and with an atmosphere and ecosystem that is goal-oriented and hard working.

    What is your impression of the working atmosphere at EY-Parthenon?

    Highly talented individuals form the EY-Parthenon team, at all levels and specializations. Positive and hard working would define the team as a whole. All team members have a passion for supporting clients and for making an impact. Our culture is also characterized by frequent get togethers on Fridays in particular, we often go out together to a bar for after-work drinks.

    How do you see the international orientation of EY-Parthenon? 

    In addition to our international projects, we also have the Mobility 4U program. This program is opening doors to all those who are willing to work in a foreign country for some time. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons personally as well! .

    Porträtfoto von Frederike A. Groetsch

    Patrick Nicklas Stipp

    Senior Consultant | Multi-sector | Joined 2020

    Patrick is a senior consultant in the Zurich office. He studied mechanical engineering with a specialization in micro-/nano robotics and a passion for biomedical engineering. While completing his Master’s degree at ETH Zurich, he gathered hands-on experiences in consulting and spent a semester abroad at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Patrick joined EY-Parthenon in June 2020 after completing his studies as a consultant. He is an enthusiastic athlete, avid cook, and tech-lover.

    What do you like most about EY-Parthenon?

    The exceptional people and enriching relationships – from intern to partner, everyone is always open for fruitful debates and serious discussions. I am always grateful for how friendly and relaxed the interactions are, especially with senior members of the firm who are mentors as much as leaders. 

    Strategy consultant at EY-Parthenon - what exactly is so fantastic about it?

    The incredibly steep learning curve and vast exposure to different types of projects and industries. I completed more than ten projects in the first year, ranging from commercial due diligence projects to go-to-market strategies and CEO coaching across eight industries in seven countries! Along the way, I further enhanced my analytical and communication skills through collaboration with exceptional colleagues and exciting international clients. In combination with comprehensive internal training, consultants are able to progress extremely fast within EY-Parthenon.

    How exactly would you describe the company culture?

    Pragmatic and entrepreneurial. Pragmatic because at EY-Parthenon, we have this incredible drive to get things done and entrepreneurial because we work with conviction and side-by-side with our clients. It amazes me that I felt this culture across all projects and lived by everyone in the firm. Another big part of the culture is trust. Early on, consultants receive a lot of responsibilities on a project – from leading workstreams to presenting critical analyses to clients. For me, this is something I have appreciated from the very beginning.

    What qualities do you need to bring with you to be part of strategy consulting at the very highest level?

    Smartness, curiosity, and a “get things done” attitude in a team. At EY-Parthenon, we work as one team; if the nights get long, no one is left to fight for themselves. Along the way, you should enjoy the analytical and sometimes chaotic roller-coaster of digging deeper into problems to find the best solution.

    Porträtfoto von Frederike A. Groetsch

    Aylin Drave

    Consultant | Multi-sector | Joined 2020

    Aylin is originally from Stuttgart (Germany), but has been living in Switzerland for over 6 years. She is a consultant in the Zurich office since October 2020. 2 years prior, she was an intern in the team and was offered a full-time position due to her very good performance. Aylin has completed her Bachelor in Business Administration and her Master in Banking and Finance at the University of St. Gallen. During her studies, she also completed two semesters abroad: the first at SMU in Singapore and the second at University of California, Berkeley. In her free time you will find Aylin either hiking or ski touring in the mountains or road biking around the many lakes in Switzerland.

    What do you do at EY-Parthenon?

    As a consultant at EY-Parthenon in Zurich, together with my colleagues, I am constantly getting to grips with new, exciting, and challenging issues for our clients. From a go-to-market strategy for a German building materials manufacturer to an investment strategy for a leading artificial intelligence and cloud player in the United Arab Emirates, I've been involved in quite a few projects already. With each project, I not only take away all kinds of subject-matter knowledge (although I wonder what I should do with my knowledge of intelligent traffic lights), but I also develop personally.

    What makes the EY-Parthenon Zurich team so unique? 

    Clearly our team spirit! We are quite a small team. For me, that has two clear advantages. On the one hand, we all know each other well and always have an open ear for each other next to the often busy day-to-day project work. I also feel this commitment and support from our partners. Secondly,you have a greater influence on the place you work and can help to design it actively.. For example, with a few colleagues I initiated our internal LGBTQ+ network, Unity@Parthenon. 

    Is this how you imagined consulting? - what surprised you? 

    People are always saying that, even as a junior, you drive impact for the client from the first day. Before I joined in October 2020, I always took that 'with a grain of salt'. However, when I think about the last few projects, it actually is true. It's not just the slides you produce as a junior that end up with management. On my current project we are designing a long-term investment strategy in a series of client workshops where we throw around ideas of what impact disruptive technologies will have and what implications follow for investment – regardless of tenure. I find it impressive that our visions for the future in these workshops will guide the investments, some of which will be in the multi-digit millions. 


    What we offer

    Challenges and project variety from day one: At EY-Parthenon you are immediately a full member of the team. You will work closely with clients on the most exciting executive level topics. If you are interested, you also have the opportunity to get to know other aspects of strategy consulting for a certain period of time as part of projects for the transaction strategy and execution or turnaround and restructuring team - just as you like.


    Since many of our clients operate internationally we are also globally positioned. This allows you to work on projects abroad. Even beyond Europe.

    Consultant, Manager, Partner: Your career is in our interest. That's why we support you with a comprehensive range of coaching and training programs and continuously give you more responsibility. A variety of mentoring options are available at any time to answer your questions, be it business or personal related.

    We also help you to develop your personal work-life balance. Our consultants decide for themselves in each period whether they would like to work the full 12 months or take 1 or 2 month leaves - the choice is yours! Because we want you to feel good all around and also get the time to travel or recover after challenging projects.

    Who is a good fit for us

    You have very good analytical skills and a sense for business strategy & operations. You enjoy communicating with customers and working in high-performing teams. You are straightforward, critical and describe yourself as intellectually curious, because understanding new business areas in a short time is part of the core of our job.

    Our culture in particular is very important for us. Mutual respect and support is a basic requirement for us. We assume that you also know that we can only achieve excellent results for our client as a team. The special EY-P culture also distinguishes us from our competitors. 

    Diversity and inclusion - more than just buzzwords

    At EY-Parthenon, we believe that diversity brings new perspectives, ideas and innovation. We encourage new perspectives - our project teams should be as diverse as society. All employees should feel comfortable & valued and, in particular, in the workplace. In our D&I initiatives, we constantly ask ourselves how we can better push our core values of Respect, Belonging and Fairness. Among other things, we rely on internal exchange, events and mentoring programs.

    Together, we are working toward a "better working world".

    Be part of the corporate and growth strategy team

    We at EY-Parthenon develop strategies that focus on the short- and long-term growth and value creation potential of companies. If you would like to join the corporate and growth strategy team, please apply via the following link

    Apply now!

    Your entry to our corporate and growth strategy team

    Applicants with a Master's degree, MBA or PhD start as a Consultant. With a Bachelor's degree, you will start at the Associate Consultant level. If you have professional experience, you will be classified according to your practical qualifications. For more information on tasks and requirements, please refer to our development path.
    • Internship

      Are you one of the best in your class? Do you want to turn your excellent academic performance, your business acumen and your curiosity into added value for our clients? Then immerse yourself in the world of EY-Parthenon for approx. 10 to 12 weeks. As a temporary consultant, you will be a full-fledged member of one of our project teams. Like all other team members, you will take responsibility for your tasks. The goal is that you get to know us and we get to know you. If you have impressed us, we will be happy to make you an offer. 

    • After graduation

      To join us as an (Associate) Consultant, you must have an excellent academic record. You are highly motivated and enjoy answering new questions & challenges. With your self-confidence, you develop solutions within our teams and with clients. Your excellent communication skills help you to do this.

      We appreciate a wide range of disciplines: Business administration or economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, technology and engineering, political science, law or mathematics. This creates a versatility that we encourage & value in order to find creative solutions. Even beyond that, individuality is not a disruptive factor for us, but is expressly desired. What is important to us is that you have a profile and stand out clearly from the average.

    • With professional experience

      Have you already gained professional experience in another consultancy, in a strategic corporate function or as an entrepreneur? Then convince us with your know-how, your skills and your personality. Entry is possible at all levels.

    • With a focus on Life Sciences

      Are you specifically interested in working in the life sciences sector? We at EY-Parthenon have a dedicated, international team focused on strategic projects in the life sciences sector. Typical engagements will involve working with clients to resolve their biggest challenges across clinical and portfolio strategy, market access, launch readiness and commercial strategy to sustainable business models and broader sustainability strategy. If you are specifically interested, please indicate the Life Sciences focus on your application.

    • With a focus on Advanced Analytics

      As a Data Science Consultant you will work together with our strategy consultants on high-level strategic projects for the international top management level. Your tasks will be similar to those in traditional strategy consulting, with a focus on in-depth analysis of complex data sets. From these analyses, you derive recommendations for our clients together with the project team. The main difference between you as a Data Science Consultant and the classic strategy consultants lies on the one hand in the depth of the analyses and on the other hand in the choice of tools you use for data processing.

    We achieve excellent results and client satisfaction together as a team and in collaboration with our clients. Here, everyone has their own role, responsibility and opportunity to shape the company. Find out what tasks and skills are behind our various career levels:

    • Consultant

      Graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree start as consultants, with master's graduates entering one internal level higher (additional education such as MBAs / PhDs are also credited accordingly). You will be part of a project team from Day 1. As part of your project team, you will be given responsibility for subtasks, which you will work on independently. Hereby you actively contribute to finding the best solutions for the client.

      As a consultant, you will increasingly support the manager by controlling and managing subtasks during the project. Direct contact with clients, presentations, extensive discussions and actionable recommendations are part of your daily consulting routine. Your training and development is based on intensive supervision by experienced team members as well as on training by internal and external professionals.

      Your goal is to become a senior consultant after ~2 years.

    • Senior Consultant

      Similar to consultants, you will contribute to problem analysis and solution finding from the very first hour. However, your tasks, which you work on and drive forward independently, are more extensive and bear more responsibility, but also have more freedom.

      You will take on increasing responsibility for younger employees and for the independent development of solutions. Quickly you will be completely responsible for individual project submodules and take over communication towards the client. Your goal is to become a manager / project lead after ~2 years.

    • Manager / project lead

      Upon entry with professional experience or after appropriate development as a Senior Consultant, you will become part of the management team of EY-Parthenon as manager / project lead. In this position, you will be responsible for a client project, both in terms of finding solutions and for managing the team. The requirements are versatile: (1) You are a competent contact person for the client, (2) You understand the specific initial situation, can structure clearly and develop an excellent solution, and (3) The partners can rely on you and your flawless project management.

      Together with your team members you not only develop excellent solutions for the clients, but also support them and train them. As a Manager, you will increasingly develop your individual skills and competencies and get involved in industry-specific topics in our Practice Groups. In addition to project work, your development will be supported by regular (international) training. Our goal is to develop you to the next career level of Director within approximately three years.

    • Director

      Director is the last career stage before the election to the group of partners. Your tasks now go beyond those of a manager. You build up your own relationships with clients and are an even stronger contact person for them - not only during the current project. You remain an "all-rounder" as a strategy consultant and increasingly expand your expertise on a functional or industry level.

      A clear personal profile and a strong leadership personality characterize you in addition to your professional competencies. Internally, you will act as a mentor, supporting project teams and partners. Externally, you will help to further develop our concepts and competencies and bring them to bear in relationships with clients and in project acquisitions. In the two to four years as Associate Director, you will become increasingly involved in practice groups and develop towards the position of Partner.

    • Partner

      After 2 to 4 successful years as an associate director, you will be elected to the group of partners. Partners are responsible for the acquisition of projects, for the long-term support of clients and development of our company on all levels. Partners are and remain first and foremost valued and experienced consultants, especially in their areas of expertise. They support our clients at executive and board level in their quest for growth, competitive advantage and success.

      As a Partner, you are jointly responsible for the further development and growth of EY-Parthenon. Becoming a partner is the final step in your career, but we don't think your personal development ends there. As consultants, trainers and entrepreneurs, partners are constantly challenged and have a great deal of creative freedom.

    Application process: Your path to EY-Parthenon

    You're looking for the perfect employer - we're looking for the best talent. The application process helps you and us make the right decision. Below, we'd like to give you some tips and insights. We want your experience with EY-Parthenon to be enjoyable, fun and positively challenging. We want you to be successful - use our tips your preparation:

    Notice to Covid-19

    At EY-Parthenon, we follow the recommendations and resolutions of the relevant authorities on risk mitigation and have taken measures to avoid personal contact.

    Because we want to get to know you in a timely manner, we have temporarily switched our recruiting process to virtual interviews.

    The process is based on the process of the real recruiting days, but varies in details, which we will communicate to you in due time.

    • Application deadlines

      You can apply to us without any application deadlines. Your application will be processed immediately. You should allow about eight weeks for the application and interview process up to the contract offer.

    • Recruiting process

      Internship position:

      If your application has convinced us, we will invite you to 2 case-based interviews with team members from our Swiss office. After an internal alignment meeting, there will be an additional partner interview (only if necessary). After that, you will find out as soon as possible whether we can offer you an internship position with us.

      Full-time position:

      If your application has convinced us, we will firstly invite you to one of our recruiting days. As a rule, these take place several times a month on Fridays. We will determine the exact date in consultation with you. The recruiting day offers the opportunity to get to know you personally and allows us to get an impression of your logical and analytical skills through case studies and personal interviews. The common goal is to find out whether we are a good match for each other.

      If you were able to convince us with your good performance during the first interview round (2 x case-based interviews), you will continue with two interviews with Swiss partners as soon as possible the week after. After these two partner interviews, you will find out whether we can offer you a position with us.

    • Preparation for the interviews and case studies

      First and foremost, we want to get to know you as a person. Arrive / login to the recruiting day relaxed and be natural, then this day will be a positive experience for you and for us.

      All interviews include a part about getting to know you personally. In addition, we use case studies to test your problem-solving and structuring skills, as well as your business and analytical understanding. The topics vary widely, from market sizing for bicycle saddles to expansion decisions abroad to evaluating an Internet start-up. These tests are designed to find out if you can think logically and can structure complex client problems under time pressure.

      Our recommendation: Listen carefully, take your time, explain your thoughts and follow a structure. We are interested in how you combine available information with your common sense. Ask questions and calmly justify your approach.

      It is never about the one right answer. In the end, it's how you solve a problem that is completely unknown to you that counts: perhaps with economic understanding, but definitely with common sense and logic.

    • Preparation for the recruiting test (not performed remotely)

      We have developed a test to assess the competencies needed in strategy consulting. For this purpose, questions are asked on the topics that require business sense, logic and a quantitative understanding of data. The answers are multiple-choice. There is no specific preparation. In addition to general mathematical understanding, for example in the interpretation of diagrams, you should have an interest in business related topics.

    • From recruiting to onboarding

      Following the interviews, we will make you an offer. You can start with us just a few weeks after the interviews or you can take some time off beforehand. It's entirely up to you.

    FAQ application process

    • Recruiting day

      What should I do if I can't make the Recruiting day?

      Call us. We will certainly find an alternative date together with you.


    • Travel expenses

      Will EY-Parthenon cover my travel expenses?

      Yes, please send us the receipts of the costs incurred due to your participation in the recruiting day and we will transfer the amount to you


    • Hotel expenses

      Will EY-Parthenon cover the hotel costs if I have to arrive the evening before?

      Yes - if you cannot arrive in the morning, we will book or recommend a hotel room for you that is only a few steps away from the office where the respective recruiting day takes place.


    • Application timing

      How long before the planned start of the career or internship should I apply?

      At EY-Parthenon, there is no clear guideline by when you have to apply. However, experience shows that you should allow approximately eight weeks

    • Time out before onboarding

      Can I take "time off" before starting?

      You determine your first day of work yourself. We are quite positive about a break between graduation and starting work - many of our young colleagues, for example, have taken a long international trip after graduation. 

    EY-Parthenon – Wachstumsstrategie – Frau vor Länderkarten

    Locally strong and truly global

    In the area of corporate and growth strategy, we have offices in eight locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (GSA):

    Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich.

    Globally, we serve clients in over 50 countries with more than 6,500 industry and market specialists.

    Get first-hand insights - our events

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