Hannes Schobinger
I am your trusted expert when it comes to fit-for-purpose solutions for deal, financial reporting and tax related corporate finance & data analytics challenges.

Hannes Schobinger

Partner, Leader Valuation, Modeling & Economics | EY Switzerland

Passionate about corporate finance.

“A company should know its value, how it’s made up and how it can be increased. With decision modeling we support you in making the most valuable and effective decisions and in improving your portfolio.”

He has led many large valuation & financial modeling projects and supported companies in transforming their business, with a special interest in start-up / venture valuation.

How Hannes is building a better working world

Clients know me for personal hands-on support and honest feedback. My pragmatic working style allows for efficient solutions throughout the deal process and to support my clients in strategic decision making, financial reporting and tax compliance. Together with my team, Valuation, Modeling & Economics (VME), I provide you with fit-for-purpose corporate finance & data analytics solutions. By handling and analyzing big data sets we allow for insights into financial consequences of different scenarios. We support you to fulfill your regulatory and tax obligations by providing state-of-the-art valuations according to the requirements.

Our corporate finance solutions range from financial deal acquisition and separation models to regulatory valuations (purchase price allocations, impairment testing, share based payments, complex securities, intangibles, capital equipment) to tax valuations and complex financial modeling and data analytics solutions.

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