Photographic portrait of Thomas Sucic
Not the new normal itself will define who we are, but how we react to it.

Thomas Sucic

Brand, Marketing and Communication Leader | Switzerland

Shaper of reputation and dialogue. Passionate about purpose, sustainability and inclusiveness. Combat sports fan. Proud father. Dog whisperer.

As the leader of EY Switzerland’s Marketing and Communications department Thomas is focused on building the commercial value and emotional resonance of the EY brand. His team concentrates on both internal and external audiences to drive reputation, relationships, revenue and people engagement.

Additionally, as a member of the EY Switzerland Corporate Responsibility Board, Thomas is helping to strenghten the skills, capabilities and commitment of EY people to improve social value and equality.

Before joining EY he worked for several companies in various industries in Switzerland. Two of them were family owned businesses. He has strong competencies in the area of Marketing and Communications, Business Development, Quality Management and Digital Client Experience.

He holds a diploma in business administration from the University of Lucerne. 

How Thomas is building a better working world

“I’m an advocate for inclusiveness and work hard to challenge stereotypes and biases. This means as well as challenging myself everyday I also challenge my surroundings to the best of my abilities by truly being myself. I enjoy helping people build their careers, including increasing the positive strength of belonging.”

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