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How can financial services protect and restore biodiversity

Exploring the pivotal role of financial services in helping to solve the biodiversity crisis.

Nature is our most precious asset, underpinning human livelihoods, prosperity and wellbeing. Our global society rests on the ecosystem services provided by nature – air, food, water and other natural resources – and biodiversity plays a critical role in delivering these services.

Financial institutions depend on and impact biodiversity through their operational activities, supply chains, financing and investment decisions. They are uniquely placed in their financing, investing, and underwriting role to be a driver for good and to safeguard, restore and protect the natural world for decades to come.

This paper explores the risks and opportunities facing the financial services sector, outlines industry initiatives and frameworks, and offers tangible steps that businesses can take now to accelerate positive change.

Our EY and Microsoft strategic collaboration is grounded in scientific consistency and underpinned by a deep understanding of financial services and sustainability themes. It brings together the right blend of experience and professionalism in this field to help deliver on each of the recommendations presented in this paper. EY teams are proud to have collaborated with Earth Knowledge to produce this content.

The primary contributors for this article are Sandy Trust, UK Sustainable Finance Consulting Lead, Ernst & Young LLP and Katie Henry, UK Sustainable Finance Biodiversity Solution Lead, Ernst & Young LLP.

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