Australia | Changes impacting employment related migration as of 1 July 2022

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31 May 2022 PDF
Subject Tax Alert
Categories Immigration
Jurisdictions Australia

Australia’s borders have now been open to fully vaccinated travelers for three months. However, visa application processing has not resumed its pre-pandemic pace and skill shortages continue across the Australian economy. While the newly elected Government has a greater focus on protecting local employment opportunities and working conditions as well as protecting temporary workers, skilled migration to address Australia’s skills shortages remains a key feature of immigration policy.

Expected 1 July 2022 changes include:

  • Annual adjustments to charges and thresholds

  • Superannuation guarantee rate increase

  • Additional pathways and concessions for employer sponsored permanent residence

This Alert also covers other immigration measures to address workforce shortages and New Zealand immigration updates.

A Tax Alert prepared by EY's People Advisory Services group, and attached below, provides additional details.

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