Canada's new Recognized Employer Pilot (REP) Program under Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program discussed

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11 Aug 2023
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Jurisdictions Canada

The Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages, Randy Boissonnault has just announced the introduction of a Recognized Employer Pilot (REP) under the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. This is three-year initiative to help reduce administrative challenges for compliant employers to hire worker they need.  REP is a three-year initiative set to address labor shortages and reduce the administrative burden for employers who repeatedly seek LMIAs and demonstrate a history of compliance with program requirements. REP will give eligible employers access to LMIAs that are valid for up to 36 months, as well as gain access to a simplified LMIA application for additional workers in the same occupation during the Pilot.

A Tax Alert prepared by EY Law LLP, and attached below, provides additional details.

Full text of Tax Alert.pdf