Costa Rica’s Tax Authority publishes the income tax brackets for tax year 2022

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4 Jan 2022
Subject Tax Alert
Categories Corporate Tax
Jurisdictions Costa Rica

The new brackets are for corporate income, income from profitable activities and the salary tax. The brackets went into effect 1 January 2022.

On 23 December 2021, Costa Rica’s Tax Authority published Executive Decree No. 43375-H, which contains the income tax brackets applicable for tax year 2022.

The following corporate income tax rates will apply to the income of companies with annual gross income of CRC112,070,000 (US$175,383)1 or below:

Amount of income Rate
Up to CRC5,286,000 (US$8,272) 5%
CRC5,286,001 to CRC7,930,000 (US$8,272 to US $12,410) 10%
CRC7,930,001 to CRC10,573,000 (US$12,410 to US $16,546) 15%
Over CRC10,573,001 (US$16,546) 20%

For companies with an annual gross income that exceeds CRC112,070,000 (US$175,383), the applicable corporate income tax rate will be 30%.

The following income tax rates will apply to the income obtained by individuals from profitable activities:

Amount of income Rate
Up to CRC3,836,000 (US$6,000) Exempt
CRC3,836,001 to CRC5,729,000 (US$6,003 to US$8,965) 10%
CRC5,729,000 to CRC9,555,000 (US$8,965 to US$14,953) 15%
CRC9,555,001 to CRC19,150,000 (US$14,953 to US$29,968) 20%
Over to CRC19,150,000 (US$29,968) 25%

The following salary tax rates will apply for tax year 2022:

Amount of income Rate
Up to CRC863,000 (US$1,350) Exempt
CRC863,001 to CRC1,267,000 (US$1,350 to US$1,982) 10%
CRC1,267,001 to CRC2,223,000 (US$1,982 to US$3,478) 15%
CRC2,223,001 to CRC4,445,000 (US$3,478 to US$6,956) 20%
Over CRC4,445,000 (US$6,956) 25%

The new tax brackets became effective on 1 January 2022.


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