EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 49) | It's time to think and act globally on employment tax risks

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16 Aug 2022 PDF
Subject Tax Alert
Categories Mobility Tax
Jurisdictions Global

As global mobility and business travel re-emerge from lockdown, revenue authorities are likely to analyze employment taxes more closely. 

Often a barometer of a company’s broader management of taxes, employment tax can be an area revenue authorities analyze, leading to challenges in other areas of taxes. With employment taxes often referred to as a “hidden” tax, and with responsibility for compliance often spread across multiple parts of an organization, many companies are looking closely at these taxes. But who holds ultimate responsibility?

Is it time for your organization to name an employment tax leader who can coordinate and manage these issues? That’s the question posed in this first of a series of three EY articles that look at employment taxes through a tax risk and controversy lens.

Additional information and links to past newsletters can be found in the attached PDF.

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