Oman revamps visa policies to restrict work visa conversion and ban new visa issuance to Bangladeshi nationals

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22 Nov 2023 PDF
Subject Tax Alert
Categories Immigration
Jurisdictions Oman

Tourist visa holders and express visa holders may no longer convert their visas to Omani work visas from within the Sultanate, according to a recent statement issued by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) through its official X (formerly Twitter) account. The ROP also stated that nationals of Bangladesh are ineligible to obtain new Omani visas of any type effective 31 October 2023 until further notice. The change in policy for tourists and holders of express visas (which is a form of business visa) impacts nationals of all countries and follows a review by the ROP of its visa policies. These visa holders are now required to exit the Sultanate and apply for, and obtain, Omani work visas before re-entering Oman for work.

A Tax Alert prepared by EY's People Advisory Services group, and attached below, provides additional details.

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