Peruvian tax authorities address merger of nonresident entities with one entity having a PE in Peru

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15 Oct 2020 PDF
Subject Tax Alert
Categories Corporate Tax
Jurisdictions Peru

On 6 October 2020, the Peruvian tax authorities published Public Ruling 061-2020-SUNAT/7T0000, addressing the merger of two nonresident entities when the absorbed entity has a permanent establishment (PE) in Peru.

The Peruvian tax authorities ruled the merger will have the following tax consequences in Peru:

  • The PE of the absorbed entity will not have to obtain a new Tax ID.
  • The merger of the two nonresident entities will not have tax effects for the PE in Peru.
  • The absorbed entity will be taxed in Peru on the income from the transfer of the PE because the income qualifies as Peruvian-sourced income.

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