Bringing the 'S' to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

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Paula Hogéus

4 Aug 2022 PDF
Categories Law

The latest edition of EY Global Labor and Employment Law Strategic Guide surveys legal regulations relating to ESG in more than 30 jurisdictions.

In previous years, many companies simply focused on ensuring compliance with various legal regulations. Now, with the increasing focus on ESG, things are shifting. Instead of focusing on meeting minimum legal requirements, many companies are now eager to go beyond that in order to be “good citizens”, thereby attracting and retaining talent. Global employers are also aware of the potential reputational risks which may arise from failure to comply — whether real or perceived.

Examples of some specific topics covered in this Strategic Guide regarding ESG include:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)
  • Discrimination and equal treatment
  • Pay transparency and minimum wages
  • Collective bargaining agreements and social partnership
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • Whistleblowing functions and non-retaliation

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