Corporate and Commercial Law global update 2023

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4 Jan 2023 PDF
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Regulations across the globe are constantly evolving. New laws, new decrees and new case law are game changers in many jurisdictions.

In this Corporate and Commercial Law global update, we look to inform companies of the most recent legal news across a number of jurisdictions.

Included are articles from a total of 37 countries on current legal affairs around the globe, covering jurisdictions in Western Europe, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

The articles in this global update reflect the global reach and diversity of EY Law services, from corporate law to civil law and commercial law to regulatory aspects. If you wish to receive more detailed information on Law services or on the topics discussed in this issue, please feel free to reach out to us. You will find contact details for each of the jurisdictions where EY member firms offer Law services at the back of this publication.

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