Cross-border restructuring solutions for EU countries

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Magdalena Kasiarz

4 May 2023 PDF
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As certain procedures are already available to companies in some countries for cross-border business, the regulator intends to extend the options to the other countries in the European Union as well and take into account the main provisions regarding the freedom of establishment of businesses across the European Union (Court of Justice of the EU, judgment of 25 October 2017, C-106/16). In addition, the EU intends to put in place an adequate protection mechanism for shareholders, creditors and employees of companies involved in restructuring processes.

A deadline of 31 January 2023 was set for the implementation of the directive. The directive offers the individual member states a wide range of options for transposing the addressed key issues into local law.

To help you understand the implications of the Directive, the guide will provide you with an overview of the cross- border solutions accepted by specific EU countries.

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