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Get ahead and stay ahead of evolving global green tax policies

17 Apr 2024 PDF
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The EY Green Tax Tracker helps you monitor evolving green taxes, incentives and carbon regimes across the world.

Governments around the world are using sustainability tax measures to reduce emissions, meet their commitments on carbon neutrality and tackle climate change, as well as to raise revenue and fund important policy objectives. While these goals are shared, the policies established to achieve them vary greatly.

Staying on top of the evolving sustainability tax policy landscape across the globe is critical for businesses that wish to take action on climate change, secure valuable incentives or avoid costly surprises. However, staying current as policies rapidly evolve can be a challenge, especially for global businesses.

The EY Green Tax Tracker provides an overview of the green taxes and exemptions, sustainability incentives and carbon pricing regimes in effect in an ever-growing number of jurisdictions. For more information, contact your EY engagement team or the jurisdiction contact located at the top of each Green Tax Tracker page.

(The information offered for each jurisdiction represents the best understanding of EY professionals in that jurisdiction. It is high-level and subject to change. This document is updated on an ongoing basis but not all entries will be up to date at a given moment. In addition, not all jurisdictions are reflected in this document.)

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