Responding to COVID-19

To help you navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, here you’ll find the most relevant EY insights on structured crisis management, enterprise resilience and planning for recovery.

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Podcast: CEO Outlook - Leading Ireland’s health service through a pandemic

What is it like to lead a national health service through a global pandemic? In this episode, Paul Reid, CEO of the HSE, talks to Richard Curran about the personal and professional challenges of steering Ireland’s health service through the COVID-19 crisis. 

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COVID-19 Tax Alerts

As the global economy and the world come to grips with the expanding effects of COVID-19, those managing the tax affairs of a company need to support their management in dealing with the consequences. We can help you navigate this shifting landscape. Please see our alerts below which examine various Covid-19 related topics


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COVID-19: Government Support Package Ireland

COVID-19 is an unfolding event bringing uncertainty to every business. To help you navigate through these unprecedented times, here you’ll find the most relevant EY insights on responding to volatility and building enterprise resilience. Read EY’s summary of the Irish government measures and practical next steps here.


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