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Our Technology Consulting practice can provide clients with a full range of technology related services, from strategic advice to full stack implementation and managed services. We work with the latest emerging and established technologies and have alliances with all major technology software providers so that we can meet all of our clients needs.

Organisations are being influenced by global megatrends that are changing whole industries, presenting both risks and potential business opportunities. The rapid advancement of technology is arguably at the centre of all megatrends, either as the main protagonist or as a facilitator of the change. Existing organisations need to innovate to stay relevant and remain competitive. As a result, the pressures to digitally transform remain high, driven by the convergence of AI and automation, growing cyber risks, next generation computing, cloud at scale, and sustainable technology.

In parallel, it’s becoming ever-more important to keep technology estates running 24/7 in an era of ‘always on’ digital services and to meet stakeholders expectations for more agile solutions. Against this backdrop, the number and severity of threats to IT are increasing rapidly, while demands for increased capacity and capability are growing exponentially. EY’s Technology Consulting practice help our clients navigate these competing and impacting forces to secure the optimal desired outcomes. 

Explore our full range of technology consultation services, capabilities and solutions below and get in touch if you would like to hear directly from our teams.

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Our expert teams offer full end-to-end technology consultation services to optimise, defend and transform your business. We have sector experience across all industries, and we leverage our global EY network and alliances with partners such as Microsoft, SAP, DELL, ServiceNow and others, to create value for our clients.

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