Careers in Tax

Tax has changed more in the past five years than in the past 50. Working across EY Tax and People Advisory Services, you’ll collaborate with clients to shape business strategies that provide future-focused impact.

I learn something new each day. At EY, we’re constantly thinking of ways to digitize and transform businesses in innovative ways to bring new value to our clients.

Kate Barton

EY Global Vice Chair – Tax


Bring your depth of knowledge and help businesses scale new heights

Tax has now become a more strategic function for businesses and that means the role of the tax professional has never been more important – or more rewarding – especially in today’s disruptive environment.

EY people equip clients to make better business decisions by bringing insights to the forefront, helping them build resilience for the future. This involves not only helping clients understand the tax policies and tax laws of governments around the world but also leveraging technology to help clients transform their tax functions and operations to meet regulatory obligations, improve workforce management, reduce risk and drive sustainable value.

What you can do in Tax

Companies today face increasingly complex tax and regulatory changes, which means our role as trusted advisors is more important than ever. Work with global clients and ambitious smaller businesses to navigate the complex, ever-changing world of tax.

  • Corporation Tax

    Our Tax professionals help businesses meet complex demands for tax reporting, compliance, planning, tax policy and controversy management. Corporation Tax consists of different services, including: Business Tax Advisory, Business Tax Compliance, Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory

    Whatever route you choose, you’ll gain experience on engagements with a range of clients from fast-growth entrepreneurs to some of the world’s largest global organisations, working closely with colleagues and having the opportunity to provide exceptional value to clients.

    If you want to join a fast growing and exciting team, then you will thrive in Corporation Tax.

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  • Global Compliance and Reporting

    The Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) team helps companies gain more control, efficiency and value in their tax and finance so they can be more focused on their business strategy.

    We do this by integrating EY’s tax and financial teams at both a regional and global level, delivering a seamless record-to-report experience.

    We believe a great culture starts with great people. That’s why we look for colleagues who have integrity, enthusiasm, courage and respect. These values are essential to the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. Beyond this, we look for individuals who have an eye for new opportunities and keen negotiation skills. These candidates have excellent time management, the ability to work collaboratively and are excited by new technology.

    A role with EY gives you the opportunity to learn from everyone you meet while developing your business, client and personal leadership skills. You’ll contribute to high-performing teams with confidence and expertise. Our flexible working culture means you get more choice in the ways you work and our global programme, Better begins with you, brings our values to life by recognising and celebrating your success.

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  • Indirect Tax

    As a member of the Indirect Tax team in a single day you can move from advising Irish colleagues on the VAT issues pertaining to property sales, to dealing with Revenue on a significant VAT refund application. You could also be providing training to 20 finance professionals in a large multinational company or even coordinating Indirect Tax analysis from several countries!

    The nature of our clients can vary just as much. From new start-ups with what could be the next big idea to sweep the “sharing economy” to established Irish entities and even leading multinational organisations. We work with all categories of companies in various industries and sectors.

    Life in VAT can no doubt be challenging but it is rarely dull. Working in Indirect tax, you'll integrate with a close team while learning on the job and hopefully have some laughs along the way while you do it. You'll need to be a team player with a good attention to detail, motivated and a desire to learn and develop quickly. We look for someone who can develop genuine relationships with both colleagues and clients in their own unique way and someone who enjoys the challenge of the varied and complex projects which we work on.

    Working in Indirect Tax, you’ll gain wide-ranging experience across different industries and opportunities to work internationally, and receive the support you need to become an effective tax professional.

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  • People Advisory Services

    Mobility, recruitment and reward all present tax issues; our teams resolve them is smart, effective ways.

    Join one of our sub-team:

    • Workforce Advisory
    • Innovation, Technology and Transformation 
    • Reward 
    • Mobility

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  • Private Client Services

    Every client of Private Client Services is unique however, many share similar traits…cautious, trustworthy, generous, family orientated, financially successful, and entrepreneurial. Ultimately they are very aware of the responsibilities that wealth can bring.

    Our clients look for discreet tax management of their personal wealth through a mutually beneficial relationship. They want to know that we have their best interests at heart and that when we are called upon they have our support. We develop and nurture a deep understanding of what their needs are and in time the future needs of their families. A big part of our day to day service includes family succession planning. From clients selling their businesses and planning to pass on this wealth to the next generation, to developing a philanthropy strategy that fits in with the wishes of the family. We draw on the expertise of our team and our internal EY resources to deliver strategies that are fit for purpose.

    Another aspect to our service offering is focusing on protecting wealth that has been built up over many years. Our tax planning involves incorporating the major taxes including Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, Corporate Tax and Stamp Duty. We look for people to work in our team who are commercially aware, have a technical understanding of tax, who are willing to think outside the box and present creative tax strategies that develop an integrated tax plan for the client. No easy feat, but the enjoyment of the work comes with meeting the client’s needs and further enhancing the relationship. Our clients are with us for the long term. As we get to know them and their families we become their trusted advisors. Transactions may be one off but the client relationship is long term.

    If you’re passionate about acting as a trusted business advisor and collaborating with people to get the right answer, you’ll feel right at home here.

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  • Real Estate

    We create strategies that help clients to manage and meet tax obligations whilst enhancing their financial performance. Apply your technical knowledge and experience to help individual clients meet their tax obligations and enhance financial performance broadening your knowledge and experience of tax. The Tax team here is international and works for diverse, high-profile clients. 

    Our people work in diverse, globally integrated teams to solve business critical issues.

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  • Research and Development

    Research and Development (R&D) tax services is a diverse and fast moving area to work in. The team is comprised of tax professionals as well as engineers, chemists, PhDs and industry experts. We work with clients across all industry sectors and all companies, from multinationals to SMEs, assisting them in availing of R&D incentives available in Ireland.

    Our tax and science professionals work together on client engagements to deliver their combined expertise. To name just a few of our services, we calculate R&D expenditure, prepare technical project reports, conduct technical interviews and provide full Revenue audit support. The advantage of having science professionals on the team is key to the delivery of our services as in order for a company to make a successful R&D team, they need to get the buy in of their own researchers and developers, and these people need to work with us in compiling the project reports and claims. Our science professionals have the technical expertise and experience to ensure the project write-ups are to a sufficient technical detail in order to qualify and maximise the scope of the R&D tax credit claim.

    Working in R&D tax services, whether as a tax or science professional gives you the chance to work with very innovative companies who are developing cutting edge technologies. Join our R&D team and you'll have the the opportunity to learn something new every day.

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  • Tax Technology and Transformation

    Our Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) team helps companies on their digital journey by defining, designing and implementing the most effective means of operating a business tax function - from technology and performance improvement through to talent. Some of our services include tax data integration, custom tax applications, technology managed services via EY hosted solutions, data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence and Tax Operating Model design.

    A connected tax function gives access to improved tax data quality, value-adding analytics, as well as technology and automation to support tax professionals as never before.

    We believe a great culture starts with great people. That’s why we look for colleagues who have deep technical and problem-solving skills as well as integrity, enthusiasm, courage and respect. These values are essential to the way we serve our clients and engage with our community. Beyond this, we look for individuals who have an eye for new technology and transformation opportunities. If this all sounds like you, and you possess excellent communication time management, and collaboration skills, then you’d feel right at home here.

    Join us as we respond to the changing landscape and client digital tax transformation journey.  

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  • Transfer Pricing

    The role of the Transfer Pricing team is to assist clients with ensuring that their transactions between related parties are priced on comparable terms to similar transactions that would have been performed had the parties not been related. To put it simply, between third-parties or to ensure transactions are conducted at arm’s length. Common inter-company transactions include the provision of tangible goods, services, intellectual property and financing. Tax authorities around the world have an interest in ensuring that inter-company transactions are priced on arm’s length terms to avoid companies using transfer pricing to put disproportionate amounts of profit in low tax jurisdictions. As such there is a general body of transfer pricing guidance issued by the OECD. While the Transfer Pricing team operates in the wider tax function, the majority of our work relies on economic principles and considering what commercial enterprises might do if the transaction we are looking at was between two unrelated parties. Transfer pricing sits within the overall tax practice and specifically within the International Tax Services sub-service line.

    As Irish transfer pricing rules primarily apply to only the largest companies, the majority of our clients are the larger Irish Groups or foreign multinationals with a presence in Ireland. Our work spans across all industries, however with technology and pharmaceutical being two of the biggest sectors in Ireland, our work in these areas is more common. We work on a variety of types of transactions, be it acquisitions, restructurings, or just the day-to-day operations of a business.

    In our team we have a range of academic backgrounds, from economics, to law, to business and mathematics. While transfer pricing is primarily focused on economics, an economics degree is by no means a pre-requisite. We’re looking for people with a natural curiosity and inquisitive nature, and a general interest in business issues. People who can look at a situation and can rationalise how it happened, or hypothesise what might happen next.

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  • Transaction Tax

    Our transaction tax professionals advise companies and private equity investors on all tax aspects of their transactions across a wide range of industries and geographies. 

    We're involved with some of the largest transactions for many of the leading global clients and private equity investors, as well as high net worth individuals and major family offices - which means our people benefit from a highly diverse range of opportunities.

    Our transaction tax professionals advise organisations on all tax aspects of their transactions across a wide range of industries and geographies. We help clients negotiate every stage of a deal from inception and initial due diligence, to tax-efficient transaction structuring right through to assistance with the sale and purchase agreement.

    As a member of this highly globally integrated team, your role will entail helping clients benefit from the potential tax opportunities present in transactions, as well as identifying and reducing inherent tax risk. You’ll develop the tax and transaction skills and knowledge you need to progress your career in a dynamic and highly commercial environment.

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An exceptional career in Tax. It's yours to build.

At EY, your career in Tax is truly yours to build. We provide the scale, the technology, the teams, the challenges, the learning and the relationships for you to personalize and evolve your career. 

Become the transformative leader the world needs.  You can harness technology and scale to continuously innovate and learn. What’s more, EY Tax offers leadership in all tax disciplines, including tax planning, tax accounting, tax compliance, tax policy and controversy, tax function operations, law, and people and workforce.

Personalize your career like you do your playlists. The flexible EY approach to career development means you can choose to specialize and build your career in any industry or move between industries and work across tax teams.

Build the skills and experiences that can take you anywhere. You could work on an acquisition of one company by another; apply technology to improve processes and save time on tax return preparation; develop new services to target tax opportunities; transform the human resource organization; or help a company restructure its operations to make the most of tax reforms. Whatever you do in tax, you’ll help add value, drive decision-making and reduce risk.

    Disruption is transforming tax, too

    Tax technology used to mean a spreadsheet; now we’re using bots for the number crunching. Innovations such as machine learning, AI and natural language generation are revolutionising the tax experience.

    That means that EY tax professionals get to use a far broader skill set. You’ll have the space to take a step back, see the big picture and identify objectives. You could be solving complex tax issues for clients, building them technology services, transforming their talent organisation or solving international tax law issues. You’ll use your analytical skills and subjective judgment to make strategic decisions. By combining your human ingenuity with game-changing technology, you’ll help drive competitive advantage.

    The wide world of tax

    EY tax teams across the globe help clients understand and manage their tax compliance and reporting obligations responsibly and proactively. We help them assess, improve and monitor their tax function’s processes, controls and risk management and maintain effective relationships with the tax authorities.

    EY tax offers leadership in all tax disciplines, including business tax, global compliance and reporting, global law, indirect tax, international tax, transactional tax, and people advisory services.

    The flexible EY approach to career development means you can choose to specialise and build your career in any industry, or move between industries and work across tax teams.

    You could work on an acquisition of one company by another; apply technology to improve processes and save time on tax return preparation; develop new services to target tax opportunities; transform the human resource organisation; or help a company restructure its operations to make the most of tax reform.

    Whatever you do in tax, you’ll help to add value, drive decision-making and reduce risk.

    Data analytics will change the role of tax from being a historian, as it often is today, to a strategic business partner.

    Daren R. Campbell

    Ernst & Young LLP US Tax Technology and Transformation Partner

    People are the center of tax

    Of course numbers are important, but not in isolation. Your relationships with colleagues and clients are just as crucial as your technical skills, and you’ll make those better face-to-face than from a desk.

    As tax becomes more digital, EY tax professionals spend much more time with clients to develop a deep understanding of their business and industry. Yes, numbers will be an important part of your job as a tax professional, but you’ll also offer insights on market developments and help clients align their global tax position with their overall business strategy.

    You’ll work closely with colleagues across borders, using EY tools and networks to solve complex business and tax problems. By combining the power of EY tax experience with innovative technology, you can help us transform the tax function of the future.

    As tax evolves, so will you

    As globalisation transforms the way businesses operate, tax is changing too. Tax authorities are innovating and sooner or later the traditional tax return will be replaced by real-time reporting.

    Governments worldwide are digitising tax administrations and updating policy for a virtual, borderless business world. Taxpayer information is being collected and shared at a rapid pace. With governments becoming increasingly proficient with big data, taxpayers need to be, too.

    At EY you’ll have the tools and support to keep up with new taxes, regulatory change, and new reporting and compliance obligations. You’ll have the knowledge and experience to help companies keep pace and pay the right amount of tax, in the right countries, at the right time.

    Multicultural thinking, teaming and working are at the heart of our shared success. You’ll work closely with colleagues across borders, using EY tools and networks to solve complex business and tax problems. By combining the power of EY Tax experience with innovative technology, you can help us transform the tax function of the future.

    The multi-sector relevance of all of our tax services enriches our client conversations, keeping our organization relevant and credible where it counts the most.

    Susan Pitter

    EY Global Deputy Vice Chair - Tax and EY Global Tax Sector Leader


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