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Help clients to embrace change and address increasingly complex challenges, allowing them to grow, optimise and protect their businesses.

We’re in a Transformative Age and business is anything but usual. EY teams bring innovation, agility and collaboration to today’s organisations to help them reinvent themselves and the value they bring to market.

Norman Lonergan

EY Global Vice Chair, Advisory


Allow your curiosity to unlock our collective destiny

Though we’re living in a time of great uncertainty, what hasn’t changed is the value we place on the uniquely human ability to offer insights and empathy, while using technology to make an impact.

When you join Consulting at EY, you’ll do more than offering insights. Your agility and curiosity will help clients navigate uncertain times by welcoming change and rallying others to seek the answers they need for today and the future. 

It all starts with a team of people as diverse as their skill sets. As part of this team, you’ll be helping EY clients realize transformation by putting humans at the center, delivering technology at speed and leveraging innovation at scale. We believe these core drivers create long-term value for our people, clients and society.

You’ll work with clients to help them imagine their future, by using the future as your starting point. With our unique Transformation Realized framework, you’ll help clients bridge the gap between who they are today and who they need to be in years to come. You’ll define, design and deliver the steps that will get them there and become a versatile transformation expert in the process. Just imagine the impact you will have on the global businesses and emerging entrepreneurs who trust EY to consult on their most complex challenges and exciting opportunities.

Here, you will define your own success. You’ll be empowered to make a meaningful impact, your way. Driven by your own personal purpose, you’ll bring out the best in yourself and others, while inspiring your teams and clients to build a better world together.

What you can do in Consulting

There are 40,000 EY consulting professionals around the world. Together we find new ways of solving problems by asking better questions, and inspiring clients with insightful business ideas and innovative thinking.

  • Customer & Digital

    The Customer and Digital team is made up of leaders in the space who are passionate about helping our clients grow value through increasing customer lifetime value.

    Technology is transforming customer experiences and expectations and it's happening faster all the time. To keep up with customers who are increasingly empowered in this fast-paced digital world, the Customer and Digital team look for ways our clients can revolutionise their customer strategies and create customer relationships that lead to unwavering loyalty.

    Our Customer & Digital team are experienced professionals who are passionate about digital transformation and demonstrate the value it plays across both businesses and consumers.

    If you possess a combination of deep business, functional, technical and change expertise, have a track record in the field of digital and possess the refined consulting skills required to enable our clients to overcome the most complex of business problems, then you will thrive in our Customer & Digital team.

    Join Customer & Digital 

  • Data Protection & Cyber

    The cybersecurity landscape is in a constant state of change.

    Organisations need to increasingly rely on new and disruptive technology to help them grow and differentiate themselves in the evolving marketplace. The lack of effective security measures to manage this change can face breaking the trust of their customers, stakeholders, and the marketplace while exposing themselves to ever-increasing risk.

    Our Data Protection & Cyber teams supports the CIO, technologists, innovators and cybersecurity professionals in our clients’ organisations as they seek to achieve maximum benefit from their cybersecurity and resilience investments and infrastructure. Our demonstrable expertise, well-designed frameworks and approaches enable us to design the best solution for our clients’ most complex cybersecurity and resilience challenges.

    You will join a Data Protection & Cyber team that aims to achieve and maintain trust and confidence in organisations while helping them explore their risk landscape and appetite and consider the cybersecurity solutions for their current strategy and future state.

    Join Data Protection & Cyber

  • Finance Performance Improvement

    Organisations with high-performing Finance infrastructures are considerably better placed to handle the uncertainties of today’s market place and deliver better results for shareholders.

    Our Finance Performance Improvement practice provides a range of services and solutions focused on delivering sustainable change within our clients’ finance functions. We support the CFO in delivering value-adding performance management services to the business, through improving process efficiency and reducing the cost of finance to large scale transformation programmes.

    Our Finance Transformation solutions abandon structures defined by narrow business functions. Instead, we focus on delivering standardised, end-to-end processes to drive value and act as a transformation engine. This enables, in particular, integration of new technologies, intertwining the finance portfolio with other offerings like cyber, analytics, RPA and digital, and bringing commercial value beyond the traditional ‘scorekeeper’ role.

    As a globally integrated firm, we are highly connected with our colleagues across our US, European and Global teams, and work internationally to assist clients in the evaluation, design and implementation of Global Business Services models and strategic BPO solutions.

    We focus on providing our team with meaningful development opportunities with a focus on on-the-job coaching, working with our team of dedicated Advisory specialists and actively seeking opportunities for our people to step-up. If you're an ambitious, inquisitive and analytical with commercial acumen, you will thrive in our Finance Performance Improvement team.

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  • IT Advisory

    The pace of technology change is fast and getting faster every year. Now, the focus for our clients is about agility, speed and certainty to outcome, embracing the digital wave with insight and customer centricity with all services provided in a secure, trusted and compliant manner. 

    Our IT Advisory team focuses on technology and innovation, helping our clients to understand the impacts and opportunities presented with the evolving technology environment.

    We support our clients in navigating changes, enabling their business strategy through the application of technology and innovation, and expertise in major IT transformations. We enable clients to measure and improve IT effectiveness increasing the overall return on technology investment. 

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  • IT Audit

    The IT Audit sub-service line accounts for just one of the many facets of the Risk practice in EY Dublin. We work in conjunction with the Internal Audit, Software Asset Management (SAM), Cyber Security, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Programme Risk Management (PRM) teams.

    We are primarily responsible for supporting the Assurance function in the evaluation of the critical IT applications which support an organisation’s key financial processes. The nature of the work performed is largely investigative, looking in detail at the underlying processes to gain reasonable assurance or level of comfort over the data transacted through these systems.

    Our clients can vary from medium to large organisations to global multinationals across a number of different sectors such as aircraft leasing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, technology and so on. The variations in organisational size and sectors adds greatly to the complexity of the work carried out by IT Audit. The different needs of these organisations means there can often be a wide variety of technology to interact with, from old legacy systems to complex and highly sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. 

    You'll be given the opportunity to work with a team of skilled problem solvers and over time, you will become a technically proficient professional in key audit concepts and technologies. 

    It’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future growth of our practice and to grow your career.

    Join IT Audit


  • People Advisory Services - Performance

    The world continues to change as a result of developments in globalisation, demographics, technology and regulation. These disruptive forces require organisations and their people to change rapidly. At the same time it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs. Our People Advisory Services (PAS) team helps our clients harness their people agenda – the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

    PAS supports our clients’ transformational and transactional agendas, the management of evolving workforces, the changing role of HR in support of business strategy and the strategic deployment of talent. Our capabilities and offerings are critical to the overall success of our Advisory and Tax service delivery and achievement of our goals. Working alongside our Advisory and Tax colleagues, we help our clients realize sustainable results from strategy to execution. It's how we build a better working world.

    Join our PAS team and you will be part of a global network of professionals collaborating to address complex issues relating to organisation transformation, end-to-end employee lifecycles, effective t​alent deployment and mobility, gaining value from evolving and virtual workforces, and the changing role of HR.

    Join PAS Performance


  • Project & Programme Management

    The Project & Programme Management (PPM) team solves big, complex issues and capitalises on opportunities to help deliver outcomes that grow, optimise and protect our clients’ businesses now and in the future. 

    Project & Programme Management is about reaping the benefits of change. We act as long-term trusted advisors to help make our clients plans real. Our teams tame the chaos of large programmes, controlling every moving part and unlocking long term value. We work together with our clients to plan so they realise the expected benefits, while we manage workloads and timetables, and manage risk during execution. We help our clients make decisions that steer the programme in the right direction.

    We work on complex programme delivery in IT, transformation and infrastructure that affect multiple stakeholders, across matrixed environments and across geographies. Working across the programme team helps to connect the dots between all elements, from external vendors, to stakeholders, to reporting at multiple levels. 

    Our PPM team helps manage multifaceted portfolio programmes, keeping multiple smaller projects on track as part of a much bigger programme. Join us and you will join a team that helps companies work smarter, using tools and technology the right way to capture and distribute accurate information faster and more widely than ever before. 

    And once a programme is delivered, you will be left with a legacy of skills and capabilities for future programme delivery.

    Join Project & Programme Management

  • Risk Advisory

    Every challenge and every opportunity an organisation faces today demands change. And with change comes risk. Some risks you can see, some you can predict, some you can plan for, and some you can’t.

    Organisations are not created to manage risk; they are created to generate value as part of a broader aspirational purpose. That purpose is achieved through a series of strategic business decisions that require taking risks — these risks impact business performance. Organisations that identify, manage and respond to these risks well are positioned to grow and remain successful.

    Our understanding of the issues around risk — the risks you can see as well as the ones you can’t — inspire us to ask better questions. By working globally with organisations, we can create innovative answers that help enhance and accelerate business performance.

    Transforming the way they manage risk requires business to challenge the way they think about, identify, manage, and, respond to it. Join our Risk Advisory team to help organisations look beyond manageable risks (financial, operational, regulatory), better align their risk and business objectives, improve coordination and alignment of risk activities across the organisation, and more effectively leverage technology so that they can better respond to their different risks.

    Join us to help deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results, from strategy to execution.

    Join Risk Advisory

  • Strategy

    Has there ever been a more exciting time to bring business to the next level?

    We think not. Nor has success ever been this challenging. That is why leading companies need our advice to activate their purpose, devise aggressive growth strategies, learn how to achieve disruptive innovation and embark on end-to-end digital transformations.

    Our Strategy Advisory Team has the expertise and proficiency to provide our clients with strategic advice and implementation capabilities to help achieve optimal – and sustainable – results. Join a team of global advisors that brings a wealth of experience and deep, analytical rigor to our clients from innovation to transformation.

    Join Strategy

  • Supply Chain Operations

    Supply Chain and Operations are undergoing radical restructuring as they meet the challenge of improving performance in a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity. They must balance increasing needs for agility and responsiveness against driving down costs and improving cash.

    Our Advisory team believes that a better working world means addressing big, complex industry issues and opportunities to deliver outcomes that help grow, optimise and protect businesses. We work to help effect fundamental change in operations performance to support sales growth, become more cost competitive, reduce risk and enhance operational resilience.

    You'll be part of a team that views supply chain and operations as a source of strategic competitive advantage, and identify and invest in the right operating models to unlock the full value from this strategic asset.

    Join Supply Chain Operations

  • Financial Service Advisory

    You will be enhancing processes and performance for the world's leading financial services companies. We offer an integrated approach to the financial services industry for managing uncertainties and opportunities.

    'Financial Service' in our Advisory practice comprises the following sub-teams:

    • Market Risk
    • Risk & Regulatory Transformations
    • Quantitative Advisory Services
    • IT Advisory
    • IT Risk and Assurance

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  • Business Design

    Business Design team works with clients to reimagine and redesign the inner workings of their operations, enabling them to deliver on their corporate strategy, achieve cost and performance efficiencies and identify and capture growth opportunities for the future.

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As EY Consulting evolves, so will you

In EY Consulting, you won’t just have a job, you’ll have a career – one we’ll help you evolve as EY does. We believe in nurturing talent to provide future leaders for the global marketplace, and we know that every path is unique.

EY offers many possible routes to help you fulfill your potential. The EY Learning & Development Hub explores how different career paths are possible depending on your interests, goals and learning – both formal and informal. Whatever direction you choose, you’ll receive regular coaching and mentoring at every stage of your journey. So you get the support you need to pursue a career that’s uniquely yours.

Make better connections

We believe better questions come from better connections, so we embrace a diversity of ideas and are proud of the rich mix of talents, backgrounds and experience in EY teams. Combined perspectives allow us to bring fresh insights to clients so they can work more effectively, and realize their organisation’s purpose.

EY people thrive in adapting to new goals, environments and industries. As an EY Consultant, you’ll apply your analytical and inquiring mind to all kinds of problems in every type of organisation. With your thirst for knowledge and learning, you’ll figure out how to enable people and processes to work better. In doing so, you’ll help integrate new technologies and embrace new ways of working.

    Expand your horizons

    Sometimes, the answers to complex problems can be found where you least expect them. For example, we worked with a client who wanted to tackle the problem of wine fraud. We asked ourselves, could blockchain – most commonly used in insurance and finance - be the fix? Could the status of each bottle – between producers, brokers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers – be recorded in a blockchain? We built a process to do just that, including drones and Internet of Things (loT) technology, and told the story of each wine’s DNA from harvest to the history of the vineyard and the wine's development.

    The variety of clients we work with means you will be consulting across all industries and markets. You’ll work with technology in a way that is smart and imaginative. You’ll tap into a network of professionals, technologies and businesses, expanding your horizons and enriching your career.

    Work with the best and brightest

    EY people work side-by-side with our clients to understand the problems they face and build deep and productive relationships with them. It enables us to offer fresh perspectives on what does – or doesn’t – need to change.

    You’ll have the chance to work alongside talented teams in digital, strategy, technology, analytics, cybersecurity, risk and people advisory services. In short, anything we recognise that could help a business work better.

    While EY teams are diverse, our EY Consulting professionals all share certain traits. We’re connected. We’re bold. We’re insightful. We’re critical thinkers. We’re curious learners. We think globally. That’s why we’re more than advisors; we’re trusted and valued consultants. At EY, you won’t be stuck in endless meetings and churning out reports; you’ll work with organisations to offer insightful services to their pressing issues. It’s all part of how we work with clients to build a better working world.

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    Better Working World Data Challenge

    Don’t just predict the future. Join the Better Working World Data Challenge and use your tech skills to build a better one.

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    If you want to do it right with your clients, you first have to do it right with your employees. Through our internal learning programs, mobility and mentoring, we are the workforce of the future.

    Beatriz Sanz Saiz

    EY Global Advisory Data and Analytics Leader


    Experienced Professionals

    As technologies change and expectations shift, we need the best people in the business to keep the best businesses in the world, ahead of the curve. We’re only as good as the people we hire. That’s why we’re looking for exceptional hires across a range of specialities. 

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    At EY, we want to help you develop yours, naturally. Develop your career in one of our graduate or undergraduate programmes. 

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