Photographic portrait of Benjamin A Falk
The most consequential bazaar of the 21st century is the market for personal data. No other will shape technological development, political discourse, or influence as many lives, for better and worse.

Ben Falk

Director, Global Insights, Research Institute | Global Markets – EY Knowledge

Dad. Gardener. Foodie. Wildlife lover. Social scientist and reformer of capitalism. Studying interactions between technology, markets, and public policy, focusing on AI, data, intangibles, and crypto.

Ben is a Director at EY Global in London for EY. 

Ben graduated from the London School of Economics with a MSc (1st) in Economic History. He completed two undergraduate degrees simultaneously, a BSc majoring in Business with a minor in Law and a BA double major in Economics and Political Science. He then spent around 10 years working for large hedge funds as a global macro strategist and economist conducting statistical and econometric analysis of all major economies and asset classes. Next he moved over to the technology sector, working as a knowledge engineer at an AI FinTech startup before launching a VC-backed privacy tech startup coinciding with the implementation of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

How Ben is building a better working world

“I advise the ethical AI non-profit think tank, The Future Society, promoting the safe, trusted, and responsible use of artificial intelligence technologies. I also volunteer with my local PTA, supporting children’s learning.”

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