David McNamara
The longer we delay the transition to clean energy, the harder the adjustment will be.

David McNamara

EY Ireland Economic Advisory Services Director

Loves to help clients with scenario planning and decision-making.

David provides a full suite of economic services in the Irish market. He helps both public and private sector clients understand the current and future environments they operate in and guides them on scenario planning and decision-making. 

He exhibits a high level of competence in macroeconomics, with particular focus on the Irish, UK and Eurozone economies.

Prior to joining EY, David worked with Ireland's largest stockbroker as a senior economist in the institutional research division.

He holds a PhD in Transport and Environmental Economics from Trinity College Dublin, and a Master of Economics in International Finance from National University of Ireland, Galway.

How David is building a better working world

“My experience in helping international clients understand the unique impact of Brexit on the Irish economy and the sector implications of various Brexit scenarios on their investments, allows me to build a better working world.  Having worked on a number of high profile IPOs and built up a reputation as a public commentator on the Irish economy, I was the key economic spokesperson for EY in its Budget 2019 coverage in Ireland.”

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