eve bannon
We must understand the implications of economic change to gain knowledge in understanding the current economic environment.

Eve Bannon

EY Ireland Economic Advisory Services Manager

A detail-oriented professional. Research and report writer.

An Economist at EY, Eve offers economic assessments in various industries, having gained experience in organisational and process design​. Her skill set involves macroeconomic analysis and economic impact measurement.

Apart from contributing to the biannual EY Economic Eye report, Ireland’s first all-island economic forecast, Eve also produces a monthly all-island economic update for internal circulation to Senior staff at EY​.

Prior to joining EY, she worked in the dealing department for an international life assurance company.

She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a BA in Economics.

How Eve is building a better working world

“I believe that having the right kind of information is crucial in our efforts to building a better working world. I contribute to this process at EY by offering in-depth reports and studies to the clients. I’m also keen on facilitating workshops with key business stakeholders to produce detailed process maps, organisational structure and business requirements.”

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