john farrelly
Managing the new risk landscape requires tax to be more involved in strategic decisions. Tax functions will need to embrace digital internally and find better ways of collaborating and working.

John Farrelly

EY Ireland Tax Partner

Passionate about technology, innovation and data analytics.

John employs his skills in innovation and digital transformation to support people and organisations, aiming to help create more value. He advocates automation of a variety of processes, helping transform businesses.

John is accomplished in the areas of business analytics, big data, process automation, decision science, data management and business value.

Prior to joining EY, John worked with a data analytics and data science institution as an Advisory Council Member. Additionally, he has many years of experience as Regional Director at a multinational developer of analytics software.

John earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management and a master’s degree in Strategy, Innovation & Leadership, from the Irish Management Institute.

How John is building a better working world

“I’m always intrigued about how we can create value by helping people and organisations build a better working world. From the mundane processes that can be automated, to the complex problems that can be solved using emerging technology, there’s a lot to be explored. I work with elite technologists, data scientists, software engineers and finance professionals. We have a lot of fun and some great successes but the journey is really only beginning.”

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