John Lawlor
The world is changing rapidly and many of today’s students will ultimately work in roles that we cannot even envisage yet.

John Lawlor

EY Ireland Economic Advisory Services Director

A research-minded economist who’s focused on sustainable solutions.

John is a Director at Economic Advisory services. His core competencies range from environmental economics, project appraisal and cost-benefit analysis to demographics, transport, regulation and planning. 

John is knowledgeable in forecasting the long-term economic return on the various public investments, including environmental and other non-market benefits.

With prior experience in producing reports and advising Government departments, local authorities and private developers, John is adept at a range of regional development and strategic planning projects. 

In recent years, John acted on behalf of clients as an expert witness in complex legal issues. He has published, with others and in his own right, a range of journals including the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 

John holds an MA in Economics from University College Dublin.

How John is building a better working world

“I have worked extensively on the interaction between transport and regional and local development. Notably, for the last number of years, I have advised and provided research to Celtic Roads Group and its traffic advisors for their bids to operate toll road concessions around Ireland. This work included the generation of long-term national, regional and local economic, population and vehicle fleet forecasts. “

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