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EY Business Leaders Webinar: Spotlight on building a resilient supply chain

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Our sixth Business Leaders Webinar series, explores how to build a resilient supply chain amid the current volatility and uncertainty of this unprecedented human crisis.

Graham Reid, Head of Market’s is joined by Andrew Caveney, Head of Global Supply Chain at EY, Alan Dickson, Head of Supply Chain, EY Ireland & Neil Byrne, Global Trade Leader who provide practical guidance on how to boost the resilience of your supply chain

Discussion topics included:

  • The impact of supply chain shortages across Europe and the potential effects on Irish organisations and local industries and what actions can be taken to mitigate that impact
  • Practical steps to consider in relation to supply chain; such as increasing supply chain transparency and increasing diversification of the supplier network
  • Building capabilities to help prepare, sense and respond to future disruptive events

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