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Diversity and inclusiveness means growth

The ability to invite, leverage and learn from different perspectives is key to delivering for our clients.

Diversity is about differences. At EY, we think broadly about differences, which include nationality, background, education, gender, ethnicity, generation, age, working and thinking styles, religious background, sexual orientation, abilities, experiences, and technical skills. There are also differences according to geography, service line, sector and function.

Inclusiveness is about leveraging these differences to achieve better business outcomes. It is about creating an environment where EY people feel and are valued – where they feel they belong and contribute their personal best in every encounter.

We believe that only the highest-performing teams that maximize the power of different perspectives and backgrounds will succeed in the fast-changing environment brought by globalization. These teams are both diverse and inclusive, able to invite and learn from other perspectives. Our ability to include various viewpoints into our mindsets, behaviors and operations is fundamental to driving innovation, building strong relationships and delivering the best approaches for our clients.

It is more important than ever for organizations to create an environment where employees feel like they belong while also celebrating and recognizing uniqueness. It is fundamental to building an inclusive environment where all may thrive and relationships and innovation flourish.

EY Global Chairman and CEO, Carmine Di Sibio said that, “Diversity and inclusiveness are critical to building a better working world. Diverse opinions and skills lead to the best answers for our clients and our organization. We don’t get those diverse opinions and skills by bringing together people who look, think and act the same way, or who’ve had similar life experiences. We’re committed to building the highest-performing teams through the power of diversity and to providing equitable growth opportunities to our people around the world.” 

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Diverse opinions and skills lead to the best answers for our clients and our organization. 

Carmine Di Sibio

EY Global Chairman and CEO

Accomplishments and accolades

EY professionals work hard every day to help build a better working world for clients, EY people and our communities. It is a matter of pride when respected organizations recognize these efforts. A collection of recent awards and accolades is below.


In today’s dynamic and digital environment, teams must be able to successfully navigate disruption and reconcile competing expectations quickly. Diverse and inclusive teams are essential for leveraging different perspectives to solve complex problems and provide the reasonable approach to clients.