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Early and holistic preparation is key for a successful IPO. Our insights as a leader in IPO advisory can help show the way. Our IPO professionals can advise you on how to prepare for, and execute, a successful transaction, as well as sustain growth post transaction.

If you have any questions about going public, please contact your nearest IPO leader.

Global Contacts

Regional Contacts




Angola Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com
Argentina Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
Australia Paul Murphy paul.murphy@au.ey.com
Austria Martin Steinbach martin.steinbach@de.ey.com
Azerbaijan Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Belgium Marc Guns  rene.coenradie@nl.ey.com
Brazil Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
Bulgaria Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Canada Kwan Song kwan.h.song@ca.ey.com
Chile Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
China - Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau Terence Ho terence.ho@cn.ey.com
Colombia Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
Croatia Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Czech Republic Peter Wells peter.wells@cz.ey.com
Denmark Claus Kronbak claus.kronbak@dk.ey.com
Estonia Victor I Khoma victor.i.khoma@ru.ey.com
Egypt Gregory Hughes  gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
Finland Paivi Pakarinen paivi.pakarinen@fi.ey.com
France Franck Sebag franck.sebag@fr.ey.com
Georgia Victor I Khoma victor.i.khoma@ru.ey.com
Germany Martin Steinbach martin.steinbach@de.ey.com
Ghana Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com
Greece Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Hungary Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
India Sandip Khetan sandip.khetan@in.ey.com
Indonesia Ringo Choi ringo.choi@cn.ey.com
Ireland Scott McCubbin smccubbin@uk.ey.com
Israel Oren Bar-on oren.bar-on@il.ey.com
Italy Paolo Aimino paolo.aimino@it.ey.com
Japan Masato Saito masato.saito3@jp.ey.com
Jordan Gregory Hughes gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
Kazakhstan Victor I Khoma victor.i.khoma@ru.ey.com
Kenya Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com
Korea Tae Gon Lee tae-gon.lee@kr.ey.com
Latvia Victor I Khoma victor.i.khoma@ru.ey.com
Liechtenstein Martin Steinbach martin.steinbach@de.ey.com
Libya Gregory Hughes gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
Luxembourg René Coenradie rene.coenradie@nl.ey.com
Malaysia Ringo Choi ringo.choi@cn.ey.com
Malta Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Mexico Luis Ortega luis.ortega@mx.ey.com
Mozambique Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com
Netherlands Daan van Cann Daan.van.Cann@nl.ey.com
New Zealand Paul Murphy paul.murphy@au.ey.com
Norway Thomas Embretsen thomas.embretsen@no.ey.com
Oman Gregory Hughes gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
Pakistan Sandip Khetan sandip.khetan@in.ey.com
Peru Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
Philippines Ringo Choi ringo.choi@cn.ey.com
Poland Robert Klimacki robert.klimacki@pl.ey.com
Portugal Rosa Maria Orozco rosamaria.orozcocentenera@es.ey.com
Romania Felicia V Gavrila felicia.gavrila@ro.ey.com
Saudi Arabia Gregory Hughes gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
Serbia Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Singapore Ringo Choi ringo.choi@cn.ey.com
Slovak Republic Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
Slovenia Sofia Kalomenides sofia.kalomenides@gr.ey.com
South Africa Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com
Spain Rosa Maria Orozco rosamaria.orozcocentenera@es.ey.com
Sweden Andreas Dalhäll andreas.dalhall@se.ey.com
Switzerland Martin Steinbach martin.steinbach@de.ey.com
Taiwan Terence Ho terence.ho@cn.ey.com
Trinidad and Tobago Derek Steinhiser derek.steinhiser@ey.com
Turkey Metin Canogullari metin.canogullari@tr.ey.com
UAE Gregory Hughes gregory.hughes@ae.ey.com
UK Scott McCubbin smccubbin@uk.ey.com
Ukraine Victor I Khoma victor.i.khoma@ru.ey.com
Uruguay Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
USA Rachel Gerring rachel.gerring@ey.com
US West          Jacqueline Kelly jacqueline.kelley@ey.com
US Central      Kevin Klimara kevin.klimara@ey.com
US East           Derek Steinhiser derek.steinhiser@ey.com
Venezuela Flavio Machado flavio.a.machado@br.ey.com
Vietnam Ringo Choi max.loh@sg.ey.com
West Africa Pramit Nathoo pramit.nathoo@za.ey.com

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