Advising companies through public listings and strategic transactions to accelerate growth.

An initial public offering (IPO) marks a turning point in the life of a company, providing access to financing and expansion opportunities, exit options for investors, and enhanced brand persception for customers, suppliers and talent.

IPOs are complex transformations that require intricate preparation. IPO-bound companies typically run multitrack strategies, considering mergers and acquisitions alongside an IPO, and evaluating listing options to raise capital and deliver optimal valuation.

Our insights as a leader in taking companies public equips EY to advise you on how to prepare for, and execute, a successful IPO or other strategic transaction, as well as deliver on your growth promises post transaction. 

Guide to Going Public

Strategic considerations before, during and post-IPO.

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Lead through the COVID-19 crisis

We have a clear view of the critical questions and new answers required for effective business continuity and resilience.


The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

We know from experience that focusing on the capabilities that matter can accelerate and deliver far more sustainable growth.

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Unlock your ambitions

Ninety percent of EY clients are private, yielding experience that’s practical and deep.

Realize your ambitions with advisors to the ambitious.

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