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20 jul. 2023

EY Peru obtains the 4th star of Peru Carbon Footprint from the Ministry of the Environment reaching "carbon neutral" and "net zero"

With this recognition, we reached our decarbonization goal.

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Miya Mishima

Brand, Marketing & Communications Leader, EY Perú

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  • EY Peru announces its success in achieving carbon neutrality and net zero, a milestone in its commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • The 4th star of Carbon Footprint Peru, promoted by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, is awarded to entities that have calculated, verified, reduced and neutralized their greenhouse gas emissions.

The professional services firm EY Peru has achieved a remarkable achievement in its commitment to environmental sustainability by becoming a "carbon neutral" and "net zero" company in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This important milestone demonstrates EY Peru's leadership and innovative approach in reducing its impact on climate change.

Over the years, EY has been aware of its responsibility towards the environment and has consistently worked to minimize its carbon footprint; this is how EY Peru joined the EY’s global initiative to become net zero. At regional and local level, EY Peru, through a combination of sustainable measures and solutions, has managed to reduce and neutralize its emissions in all its operations and business activities.

The transition to a "net zero" enterprise has been made possible by a number of key initiatives. EY Peru has implemented monitoring of its emissions, controls in its operations and campaigns for the efficient use of resources in its facilities. In addition, the firm has adopted environmental and sustainability policies that promote energy efficiency and foster a culture of ecological responsibility at all levels of the organization. 

To ensure the accuracy and transparency of this process, EY Peru joined the Peru Carbon Footprint program, promoted by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, which also has the support of the Project for the Implementation of Climate Goals of the Ministry of the Environment and with the technical assistance of the United Nations Development Program as part of the International Climate Initiative. This is an official tool of the Peruvian State that allows recognizing organizations that have managed their GHG emissions for the benefit of the environment, and that grants official recognition from the Peruvian State. 

The 4th star of the Peru Carbon Footprint, the highest recognition of the program, certifies that EY Peru has calculated, verified, reduced and neutralized its GHG emissions; the latter after accrediting -for the residual balance- the purchase of carbon credits generated from GHG emission reduction projects issued by accredited third parties, applied in our own country. 

"After reducing our emissions, EY Peru has acquired the credits of the Peruvian project: Forest Management to reduce deforestation and degradation in the Shipibo Conibo and Cacataibo indigenous communities of the Ucayali region. In this way, not only are emissions neutralized, but we are contributing to projects in our Amazon region that work on the sustainable development of the country" says Martín Aliaga, Corporate Responsibility Assistant Director at EY Peru. 

EY Peru's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop here. The company will continue to implement new initiatives and strategies to further improve its environmental performance. EY Peru plans to reduce its energy consumption, increase the efficiency of its operations, and collaborate with suppliers in the supply chain to promote sustainable practices throughout the industry.

“"At EY, we are proud to have achieved this significant milestone in our quest for a more sustainable future," said Paulo Pantigoso, Country Managing Partner at EY Peru. "Our transition to net zero and carbon neutral is a testament to our unwavering commitment and long-term work to the environment and creating a better world for future generations. We will continue to lead the way towards sustainability and hope to inspire other companies to join these initiatives." 


With this recognition, EY Peru joins the group of leading companies that are leading the way in their fight against climate change and laying the foundations for a cleaner and greener future. EY Peru hopes to inspire other companies in the sector to take responsibility and concrete measures to reduce their environmental impact.

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