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For successful AI transformation in businesses, it's crucial that AI innovation and risk management work in tandem rather than operating in opposition.

Adrian Ott

Forensic Partner, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer | EY Switzerland

AI enthusiast navigating the intersection of technical deep dives, risk management, and strategic innovation. Even more passionate about humans, nature and his family and friends.

Bureau Zurich, CH

Adrian has over 15 years of professional experience within the area of digital innovation, solution design and Artificial Intelligence - especially in the context of analysing and handling big data in a forensically sound manner aligned with external and internal regulatory requirements.

As a forensic partner, he has the role of EY Switzerland’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Previously, Adrian has led the EY Forensic and Integrity Services team where he focused with his team on initiatives for a wide array of compliance and investigation related generative AI use cases.

Adrian comes from an IT engineering background where, prior to joining EY in 2017, he worked for the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Switzerland building up the Digital Forensics department and subsequentially leading the department over the course of five years.

How Adrian is building a better working world

We support companies with their AI strategy, ensuring a balance between exploring technical possibilities and managing AI-related risks, thereby enabling them to focus their innovation on sustainable solutions.

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