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Today’s real estate, hospitality and construction companies must adopt new approaches to address regulatory requirements and financial risks – while meeting the challenges of expanding globally and achieving sustainable growth.

Our Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction practice has the ability to mobilize a team of seasoned professionals to address complex and demanding challenges and provide seamless service on a global basis. We can help move you forward. Are you ready to break ground? In working with you, we draw on our industry knowledge and insight to help you strategically position yourself – wherever you are in the world. Let us help you better understand some of the key challenges facing the industry, including:


  • Real estate investment market

    All companies need capital – to respond to their operating environment, remain agile and secure success.

    It is our business to support clients with their individual capital needs and requirements, helping them optimize their capital management as a basis for reaching the right strategic decisions.

    What is happening on today’s real estate transaction market? Are the conditions good or bad? Who’s selling, who’s buying and what’s available? These questions and many others are the subject of close scrutiny in our annual real estate studies.

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  • Real estate management

    Major regulatory and technical accounting changes are occurring in the US, Europe and other geographies, which has created a challenging environment for real estate, hospitality and construction organizations. These include the Dodd-Frank Act, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and proposed accounting changes for leases and revenue recognition from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board.

    We are committed to helping our clients understand how to approach these changes. We advise funds on SEC examinations and help them assess, design and implement compliance programs. Effectively navigating the sophisticated marketing regime required by the AIFMD will be a key challenge and could lead to a competitive advantage for alternative investment groups. Considering the potential implications of leasing and revenue recognition early on is important, because what organizations do today in preparation can have a significant effect on their business tomorrow.

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  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is now a serious consideration in the real estate industry with many companies already including it as a component of corporate strategy.

    The question of how to measure sustainability has become an important one. After all, how can companies evaluate the advantages of green buildings unless precise data is available?

    Measurement results can be used as a basis for both successful portfolio management and sustainability reporting. Against this background, the significance of key performance indicators will grow and grow.

    Sustainability issues are also rapidly making their way into rental agreements and are on course to become a fixed feature of purchase agreements as well.

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  • Real Estate trends

    The real estate industry is significantly impacted by the general economic situation, turbulence on the capital markets, the sovereign debt crisis and shifts in the legal and regulatory environment.

    First issued in December 2011, our regular Real Estate Newsletter explores trends and developments in the industry and deals with the entire spectrum of relevant issues.

    We do not simply look at the main types of use such as residential, office, trade, hotel and logistics but also put the spotlight on special real estate such as care homes, company property, universities and even churches.

    We also examine new developments in the real estate industry, from asset, property and facility management to the debate on sustainability in real estate investments.

    Our clients appreciate that we go beyond merely commenting on market happenings; we discuss how tax, accounting, legal and other regulatory changes can significantly affect the sector.

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