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For EY, public relations mean more than just informing the media and the public about the development of our company. We also delve into key industry issues and participate in public debates.

In addition, we publish studies and specialist articles and serve as your contact person for technical questions.

Most recent news releases


August 2018

16 August 2018
Top 500 companies with the highest R&D spending

On average, Swiss companies invest 6.6 percent of revenue in research and development – making them world leaders.


July 2018

9 July 2018
Life Science: the future lies in new ecosystems

New ecosystems, start-ups and digital solutions will massively change the market by 2030.

5 July 2018
Swiss public utilities see further opportunities

Digitization is perceived as a greater threat than in 2017.

4 July 2018
Tomorrow’s world of employment

Baseline scenario shows that digitization will add more than three Percent more jobs a year until 2030.


June 2018

29 June 2018
Digital giants overtake industry

US Internet companies are the world's most valuable enterprises.

20 June 2018
Switzerland must invest in growth

A total of 24 billion Swiss francs is needed if future sustainable growth is to continue in Switzerland.

11 June 2018
The Swiss are investing more than ever in Europe

Swiss companies are investing more than ever before in other European countries, while investments by foreign companies in Switzerland are declining.


May 2018

30 May 2018
IBOR Transition will have far ranging impacts

IBORs underpin over $300 trillion of financial contracts including derivative and loans.

29 May 2018
EY is expanding its management in Switzerland

Gerard Osei-Bonsu is taking over as Head of People Advisory Services in Switzerland and joining the EY Executive Board in Switzerland.

14 May 2018
Young people are more likely to act unethical in companies

Only six per cent of Swiss companies registered a major fraud case in the past two years.


April 2018

16 April 2018
Turnaround for Swiss industrial companies

Swiss industrial SMEs feeling much more optimistic about 2018 – but not expecting significant increases in sales.

9 April 2018
How are Swiss SMEs handling digitization?

SMEs are more open to digital technologies than ever before, but they face obstacles due primarily to limited financial resources and a lack of qualified employees.


March 2018

27 March 2018
Strong Q1 on IPO market - including in Switzerland

Issue volumes rose by 28 per cent to USD 43 billion. However, the number of IPOs fell by 27 percent.

13 March 2018
Pharmaceuticals industry gathers forces

Pharmaceuticals and medtech groups spent USD 203 billion in 2017 – about 20 percent less than the previous year.

7 March 2018
Women are only slowly joining the ranks of management

Only one in five executive management members is a woman at Swiss medium-sized companies.


February 2018

26 February 2018
Global Fraud Survey 2018

78% of Swiss respondents consider data protection and data privacy compliance a growing concern. Most Swiss companies haven’t prepared for GDPR compliance yet.

21 February 2018
Swiss SME are in a positive mood

92% affirm that their current business situation is positive. 28% of companies surveyed indicated that they plan to make investments in Switzerland.

8 February 2018
The increasing importance of Industry 4.0

Swiss companies are convinced of the potential of a digitalized industry, and 45% are already using Industry 4.0 solutions.

5 February 2018
Chinese firms pay record sums for European companies

In 2017, companies from China made around 250 acquisitions in Europe. Seven transactions concerned Swiss companies.


January 2018

18 January 2018
Trendbarometer Real Estate Investment Market 2018

Swiss real estate market: more momentum with active portfolio management. Residential real estate is still in focus despite record prices, while digitization and social trends are changing the sector.

11 January 2018
EY Bank Barometer 2018

New sense of self-confidence: 82% of Swiss banks expect operating income to rise. The strategic focus is increasingly shifting to innovation and growth.