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Our global platform for accessing accounting and auditing content, including external standards, EY interpretations and thought leadership.

At EY, we have built a reputation for rigorous analysis. Our work has been founded on anticipating change — be that movements in the capital markets, regulatory trends or technological innovation — and helping clients adapt.

We work with EY clients to help them stay abreast of any changes to standards. And that is not simply a technical measure — it’s a commitment to maintaining a leading-edge understanding of the trends affecting your business.

While face-to-face meetings remain a core part of our offering, we also want to provide clients with insights as and when needed. We do that in a number of ways, a critical one being EY Atlas, our cloud-based solution at the center of our offering. 

EY Atlas is our global accounting and financial reporting research platform. It helps us provide high-quality audits because EY teams are enabled with faster, better and more relevant research and technical data. Enabled for use on smartphones and tablets, this tool provides our auditors with an integrated, consistent, easy-to-use way to find information when they are on the move.

EY Atlas is integrated with EY Canvas, our industry-leading global online audit platform, and provides EY teams with the most relevant and up-to-date accounting, auditing and industry information.

We have also developed the EY Atlas Client Edition, a subscription-based service for clients that is accessible via the EY Client Portal. This gives clients direct access to EY technical insights relating to accounting, financial reporting and regulatory filing, as well as thought leadership.

Summary of benefits:

  • Faster and better research results
  • Integration with EY Canvas to bring the most relevant up-to-date accounting, auditing and industry information
  • Clients’ direct access to EY technical insights relating to accounting, financial reporting and regulatory filing matters with EY Atlas Client Edition
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