Gary McInnes

EY Oceania Financial Services Customer and Operations Advisory Leader

Experienced in identifying and assisting customer, digital and channel strategies that transform business performance.

Areas of focus Consulting Customer
Office Sydney, AU

Based in Sydney, Australia, Gary is the leader of Oceania Financial Services Customer and Operations Advisory teams at EY and has particular knowledge in the performance improvement of marketing, digital channels and multichannel integration. He uses customer analytics and insight to inform and drive cost reductions and revenue growth, and improve customer experience.

Having worked extensively in traditional and digital channels from a strategy, experience design and operational improvement perspective, Gary has provided a significant number of customer, digital and marketing performance improvement engagements for leading retail banks, insurers, and wealth and asset managers across Australia and New Zealand.

He earned a BA degree from Macquarie University.

How you are building a better working world 

“Meeting customers’ needs and driving satisfaction are key objectives for financial services organizations. By leveraging internal and external data across customer, channels, products and transactions, I help organizations better identify and meet their customers’ needs to improve outcomes for both the customers and themselves. This, I believe, helps me contribute to building a better working world.”

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