Photographic portrait of Rebecca Dabbs
Do you change the way your business thinks about sustainability, or change the way your people think about sustainability?

Rebecca Dabbs

EY Oceania Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader and Sustainability Disclosure Hub Co-Lead.

Transforming the way businesses are thinking about sustainability, health, safety. Passionate about helping women succeed. Accountant turned sustainability professional.

Rebecca is the EY Oceania Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader. With more than 15 years' experience in sustainability, Rebecca has advised public and private clients on nonfinancial reporting and measurement, Environment Health and Safety (EHS), climate change, and community impact.

Rebecca’s extensive knowledge and experience include helping clients to manage risk and opportunity and measure, communicate and assure nonfinancial performance and increasing trust through reporting and assurance services; supporting and optimising EHS effectiveness through advanced models, systems, and assurance; defining and developing organisational insight into whole of value chain confidence via large-scale audit programs; supporting organisations to articulate and measure outcomes for the creation of long-term value for stakeholders disclosures of corporate nonfinancial, long term performance.

Rebecca has served as a Board Member of the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human rights Commission, Cambodian Kids Can and the Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

How Rebecca is building a better working world

“I am building a better working world by leading a team who are collectively working to inspire each other, EY clients and communities towards a healthier, safer and more sustainable future.”

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