A photographic portrait of Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds
Net Zero provides the opportunity – and imperative – to align our goals for people, planet, and prosperity for the first time since the industrial revolution.

Dr. Steve Hatfield-Dodds

Associate Partner, EY Port Jackson Partners

I love robust discussion, espresso, and delivering solutions to wicked problems. My favourite quote is from Ruskin: “There is no wealth but life”.

Steve draws on his deep experience of climate economics and policy to help our clients navigate their toughest decarbonisation and sustainability challenges and create new business opportunities.

Steve joined EY Port Jackson Partners in late 2021. He is recognised internationally for his expertise in sustainability and climate policy, working across government, research and consulting. He has contributed to every major Australian climate policy development over the last 20 years – including the first modelling of Australia achieving net zero emissions (in 2007) and leading the economic modelling of the Australian Government’s net zero commitment in 2021.

Steve is a member of the UN International Resource Panel, Professor of Public Policy at ANU, and former Executive Director of an agriculture and resources research bureau. He holds a B.Ec (Hons) and PhD (Economics) from ANU.

How Steve is building a better working world

Sustainability – including achieving net zero – requires multiple transformations, beginning with how we think.

Steve helps to build a better working world by exploring how multiple transitions and megatrends are shaping our world and bringing clarity about the risks and opportunities they bring.

He is known for crafting innovative solutions to wicked problems, that are attractive and meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

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