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We help you forge stronger client relationships built on performance, engagement and trust.

What EY can do for you

Client demographics and expectations are shifting dramatically. Clients now demand personalized services and products and expect access to services through their channel of preference, anytime and anywhere.

New competitors, such as FinTechs, are also raising the bar for advice, solutions and service expectations. Although these competitors may serve only a niche market for now, they are challenging the status quo, forcing incumbents to make significant investments in enhancing client experience.

As the competitive landscape intensifies, firms must focus on how to best serve clients while maintaining revenue growth and market leadership.

We help you develop the right tools and capabilities to deliver a holistic and consistent client experience across your sales and service channels.

Our services include:

  • Benchmarking your firm against industry leaders and helping you strengthen your competitive advantages across critical client experience factors
  • Building your client strategy including market opportunity and solution offer definition
  • Designing a minimal viable product offering across traditional, hybrid and direct business models
  • Developing the optimal target operating model for your strategy, addressing everything from your distribution and service channel experience to technology capabilities
  • Enhancing key business capabilities required to support the operating model and client experience, including CRM, financial planning, client onboarding, investment management and client reporting
  • Leveraging analytics to identify actionable insights to help scale your business
  • Overseeing organizational change management, including field training, communications and marketing
  • Optimizing your call centers and operations centers for enhanced client experience

Why choose EY as your client experience partner?

  • Experience working on the largest transformation programs in the industry involving digital, CRM, advisor platforms and direct-to-consumer offers
  • Experience building digital advice platforms and integrating them with FinTech firms as needed
  • Ability to apply methodologies such as Agile and Scrum that significantly reduce time-to-market delivery
  • Dedicated wealth and asset management industry professionals across functions, including strategy, digital, change management, data analytics, risk, technology architecture and program management
  • Access to EY wavespace™, high-impact environments for ideation sessions designed to spark new thinking, creative collaboration and proofs of concepts
Case Study
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Case Study

Customer segmentation: the smart route to growth

A global wealth management firm is exceeding targets after we helped it better understand client needs and develop a new digital service model.

Case Study
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Case Study

What’s the right path to accelerate your growth journey?

Accelerating change to accelerate growth

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Case Study
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Case Study

Identifying high-potential growth markets

Assessing every opportunity

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Positioning our client for the future

Delivering complex global projects through close relationships

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