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Belonging means knowing your differences are accepted, embraced and valued. It empowers you to be your complete self, and to bring your best to everything you do. Where there is belonging, there is the possibility of listening in, speaking out and taking action to build a better world — in business and in our community. Belonging matters, and it requires a commitment from every business and leader every day.

Megha Iyer and Fabiano Rosa are welcoming. By giving back to local communities and volunteering through EY Ripples, they’re helping fellow immigrants feel the same sense of belonging they’ve discovered in Canada.

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Carlos is purposeful. Proudly born in Mexico. Canadian by choice. He’s built a thriving Latinx community within EY and beyond to foster belonging and is driven by the opportunity to change people’s lives.

Dilshan is motivated. As a person with a neurodivergent background, he feels a sense of belonging at EY—and channels that energy to support others in the very same way.

Sam Mod is a believer. A newcomer from India ten years ago and a software developer with a dream. While getting his MBA from the University of Victoria, Sam began his new life in Canada.  

Lindsay Swanson is courageous. Ally of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Chair of EY Canada’s Unity professional network. Surrogate for a gay couple. When the pandemic took hold, Lindsay found herself acknowledging her privilege. 

Robert Hewitt is proud. Inspired by his Indigenous heritage and motivated to help others understand the cultures and achievements of Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Cody Buchenauer is dedicated. Excited by a fulfilling EY career. Passionate about his University of Waterloo teaching position.

Jennifer Teoh is inspired. At EY, people believe in her. Differences are recognized, contributions are celebrated and she quite simply feels at home.

Dionne Allison is passionate. To her, belonging means that no one holds her back - or fears putting her forward because of the colour of her skin or her gender.

Leona Liu is compassionate — with herself, and those around her. When diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) well into her EY career, Leona uncovered an entirely new aspect of herself. 

Gabriella Doueihy is driven. Her determined pursuit of excellence in swimming has propelled her to the Olympic stage — twice.

Sylvain Allard is brave. When injury derailed his military career with the Canadian Armed Forces, he forged a newfound resilience and dug deep to carry on and find new meaning.

Roxanne Israel is strong—even stronger than she thought. When a breast cancer diagnosis transformed her reality, she drew on EY’s culture of belonging and support to navigate the journey ahead.

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