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Learn more about Ontario’s winners, finalists, judges and sponsors.

Congratulations to the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Ontario winners

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EY - Photo of Geoffrey T. Martin

Geoffrey T. Martin
CCL Industries Inc.

EY - Photo of Josh Domingues

Josh Domingues

EY - Photo of Ariel Mashiyev

Ariel Mashiyev
iLobby Corp.

EY - Photo of Michael Serbinis

Michael Serbinis

EY - Photo of Bert Mucci

Bert Mucci
Mucci Farms

EY - Photo of Kim Davidson

Kim Davidson

EY - Photo of Lawrence Krimker

Lawrence Krimker
Simply Group

Special citations*
EY - Photo of Dr. Brett Belchetz

Dr. Brett Belchetz
Maple Corporation
Societal Impact


EY - Photo of Tonia Jahshan

Tonia Jahshan
Sipology by Steeped Tea
Community Builder

*Special citations are non-competitive awards that recognize entrepreneurs for the unique mark they’ve made on the entrepreneurial landscape in a specific area and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

  • Ontario finalists

    7D Surgical Inc.
    Michael Leung, Adrian Mariampillai, Beau Standish, Victor Yang

    Ahava Digital Group
    Dr. Janét M. Aizenstros

    Martin Basiri, Massi Basiri, Meti Basiri

    Robin Kovitz

    Liran Belenzon

    CCL Industries Inc.  (TSX:CCL.B)
    Geoffrey T. Martin

    Da-Lee Group
    David Rogers

    Graham Rosenberg

    Josh Domingues

    Peter Kalen

    Go Logistics
    Anthony Whyte

    Somen Mondal, Shaun Ricci

    iLobby Corp.
    Ariel Mashiyev

    InkSmith Limited
    Jeremy Richard Hedges

    Nikita Kopotun, Joel Wegner, Ryan Wong

    Kidcrew Pediatrics
    Dr. Dina Michelle Kulik

    Michael Serbinis

    Lee Valley Tools
    Robin Lee, Jason Tasse

    Justin Thouin

    Lucky Iron Fish
    Gavin Armstrong

    Maple Corporation
    Brett Belchetz

    Marlin Spring
    Benjamin Bakst

    Molinaro's Fine Italian Foods Ltd.
    Vince Molinaro

    Mucci Farms
    Bert Mucci

    MyHealth Centre
    Suresh Madan

    South Essex Fabricating Inc.; Nature Fresh Farms Inc.; Nature Fresh Farms Sales Inc.
    Peter Quiring

    Shawn DeSantis, T. Marshall Sadd

    Nobul Corp.
    Regan McGee

    Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.
    Ario Khoshbin

    PureFacts Financial Solutions Inc.
    Robert Madej

    Kim Davidson

    Simply Group
    Lawrence Krimker

    Sipology by Steeped Tea
    Tonia Jahshan

    Stromcore Energy Inc.
    Maxime Vidricaire

    Trindent Consulting
    Adrian Travis

    Virox Technologies Inc.
    Randy A Pilon

    Wish Group
    Frank Cianciulli


Meet the judges

The success of the program relies on the efforts of our independent panel of judges. These past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program alumni and civic and community leaders devote significant effort to review and deliberate the merits of each nominee. We deeply appreciate their dedication to this process.
EY - Photo of Anne Sado

Anne Sado
President, George Brown College 

The pandemic has disproportionally impacted women and minority entrepreneurs. How can we fast forward to overcome progress lost to reach gender equality in our entrepreneurial ecosystem?
1) Improve access to diverse sources of financing. 2) Provide dedicated support to diverse entrepreneurs. 3) Develop the right policy environment. 

EY - Photo of Teresa Lee

Teresa Lee
Managing Director, OMERS Growth Equity

What was your unstoppable moment?
Understanding that it all starts with one – and that I can be that one. 

EY - Photo of Kim Mason

Kim Mason
Senior Vice President & Head, Private Banking, RBC Wealth Management, Royal Bank of Canada

How does entrepreneurial ambition help create global unity?
It is a unified spirit of do better, be better, create better. I think entrepreneurs are wired for calculated risk, personal accountability, perseverance and reflection – everywhere. Every country. Every industry.

EY - Photo of Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon
Senior Partner, ONCAP Management Partners LP

How are you seeing entrepreneurs rise in the face of adversity?
During this pandemic, every entrepreneur in my sphere has pivoted. Online, innovative sales techniques, new products/services — it’s what differentiates the creators in this economy.

EY - Photo of Bob Magee

Bob Magee*
Chairman, Woodbridge®

Could the toughest time inspire the greatest solutions?
History shows that human nature rises to the challenge as global warming threatens our existence. Fear rises, as does the tide of innovation required to save the earth.

EY - Photo of Alan Quarry

Alan Quarry*
Chair, Quarry Integrated Communications

What role do entrepreneurs play in helping Canada reach an innovation economy?
The only way the future Canadian economy will reach its full potential is if our entrepreneurial spirit is fully engaged. Entrepreneurs must lead the way.  

*Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni


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