SR&ED and business incentives

Unlock scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED), capital recoveries and other incentives to drive growth.

We’re on a mission to help Canadian companies navigate SR&ED tax credits, capital cost recoveries and other incentives quickly, efficiently and predictably. Whether you’re a complex multinational organization or an owner-operated startup, we pair leading professionals with unique digital tools to optimize the various credits and incentives available to you. We cover the innovation, business expansion, hiring and sustainability-related landscapes.

Solutions to meet your needs.

Rethinking your approach to SR&ED and incentives frees up cash and time for innovation. Innovative companies translate disruption into meaningful new solutions, products and services. The EY SR&ED and Incentives Hub can help you manage SR&ED, tax credits for e-business, capital cost recovery and other programs holistically. This reduces inefficiencies, expedites the process and liberates funds, empowering you to be competitive and agile.

Dedicated expertise icon
Dedicated expertise

• Our highly experienced engineers and scientists are backed by world class tax specialists.

• Over 600 years of SR&ED experience. 

• We connect SR&ED planning, process management, preparation, claim tracking and defence as one integrated team.

• You benefit from a seamlessly powerful process.

Advanced tools icon
Advanced tools

• Our proprietary EY SR&ED and Incentives Hub leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

• Cut back on manual inputs, automatically spot eligible activities and expenditures, generate SR&ED costing workbooks, and support audits. 

• You leverage smarter tools and our platform’s ability to help manage the process seamlessly.

Optimized data icon
Optimized data

• Our methodology is inherently digital, grounding claims on quantifiable, defendable data to foster predictability. 

• You gain a revolutionary approach designed to minimize time and maximize results.

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Customized strategies

• Our practitioners dive deep to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, then build a bespoke strategy with your goals in mind. 

• You choose specific modules and services, within a broader professional services ecosystem, so you never have to go anywhere else.

Capital Cost Recovery and Cost Segregation

Capitalizing on the right incentives can help expand your footprint and facilities.

Expanding geographically or building new facilities is complicated. Our Capital Cost Recovery service is a solution focused on cost segregation and cash tax planning. The services support the entire fixed assets lifecycle and are executed by a team of engineering and capital asset consulting professionals using proprietary tools.

We combine extensive experience, multidisciplinary knowledge and digital tools to unlock capital cost recoveries for our clients.

EY’s Guide to Scientific Research & Experimental Development, 3rd Edition

This guide takes you through the SR&ED rules in Canada.

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EY’s Guide to Capital Cost Allowance, 6th Edition

This guide discusses the capital cost allowance and eligible capital expenditure rules.

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