Golnar Pooya

Capitalizing on the upsides of disruptive technologies, EY’s Golnar Pooya enables TMT organizations to expand ecosystems through compelling new platforms.

Explore how Golnar is helping TMT businesses harness cross-industry ecosystems to enhance user experiences.

Building cross-industry ecosystems that target specific user needs holds potential for tech companies in search of new markets and value sources. Capitalizing on that possibility means tech companies should first address emerging questions and challenges around shared value, scalable offers and other key topics.

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    How can high-tech companies leverage cross-industry ecosystems to enhance the quality of user experiences they provide?

    For decades, tech companies created new ways of value creation and helped change the meaning of customer experience. Now, fast forward to 2022 and these same tech companies are now looking for new markets and new sources of value and one area that can provide this are the cross industry ecosystems that target specific user needs.

    For example, think of a truck driver in the mobility ecosystem, a patient or a practitioner in in home care or a field maintenance worker in smart buildings.

    And from across the tech stack companies are expanding into these new ecosystems as their new growth opportunity and are expanding their fields of competition by continuing to cross industry lines.

    There are questions and challenges however, that they need to address with these cross industry ecosystems.

    For example, what are the new value propositions which anchor partners should they choose to collectively bring these new value proposition to the market? 

    And what role do each of these ecosystem anchor partners play, how do they share the value they collectively create?

    And more importantly, how do they scale these new ecosystem offers cost effectively and quickly what I can help as a transformation architect?

    Is to help set up ecosystem innovation hubs so that they can identify, assess experiment and finally scale these new offers into their target markets.

    These hubs drive cross or collaboration and have been instrumental in orchestrating the activities of my clients within their existing ecosystems and in the new ecosystems.

    They're targeting to explore new sources of value and innovation.



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