Michael Von der Geest
EY UK and Ireland

Aligning growth, effectiveness and purpose is fundamental to Michael Von der Geest’s transformation work across TMT.

Discover how Michael is working with TMT organizations to evolve business models to better meet future consumer needs. 

Creating new ways for consumers to enjoy content is critical for telcos navigating a shifting landscape of user-generated content and abundant subscription options. Embracing new content business models to meet consumer demand necessitates continuous experimentation on the part of telcos everywhere.

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    How will content service delivery models evolve to better match future consumer needs?

    Hello, I'm Michael E Y Transformation Architect in TNT. Without a shadow of doubt, the content business model will need to evolve to meet the future needs of consumers. 

    We're now seeing the rise of user generated content and the adoption of subscription models. But this has been in addition to traditional linear television, cinema and other forms of content consumption. 

    What this means is it's adding to the ecosystem and help people enjoy content in many ways. But we're also seeing a drop off in attention span. 

    And in addition, seeing the first signs of the subscription model declining in certain sectors and geographies, what does this mean for business? 

    It means business models need to innovate and experimentation needs to be at the core of a business model content provider model. As a transformation architect, I work with E Y clients to consider how can you deliver this business model? Innovation at scale. 

    This requires breaking down the functional silos in the business and scale experimentation and also that driver and data driven decision making and all of this needs to happen at pace and at scale. 


The Meet the architects transforming TMT series, digs into the evolution of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) with leaders who design, organize and deliver large-scale industry transformation. 

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